What is UNITE?

Too often there is are divisions in the world.                                             0511-0805-0411-3121_People_Holding_afdafHands_Around_the_Globe_clipart_image

  • Rich/Poor
  • Educated/Not Educated
  • Black/White
  • Funny/Serious
  • Attractive/Not so attractive
  • Haves/Have not’s etc. etc.

Sadly, divisions can also take place with people of faith too.  (i.e. Non-Christian vs. Christians.  Denomination vs. Denomination. Doctrine against Doctrine.)

I read an article the other day that states….

98% of what Christian bloggers write is only read by other Christians.

My first thought was….“Oh no! I am a Christian blogger!”

And it stated…..Instead of evangelizing as initially intended….Christians can get caught up in our own talk, dialect, online club, non-Christians can’t relate to. 

And as much as I am one.  Turn to.  Read.  And love my fellow Christian bloggers. I don’t want my blog to be just another social circle.  Another place that excludes people.  A world where only “certain” people feel they can fit in.    

I want something more. I want a blog that is an open door. I want a blog that includes people of all denominations, all sects, all cultures. A broad array and spectrum and wide variety of people. 

Because I often wonder, how different are we from each other, really? After all, geneticists say all humans are 99.9 % the same.

And as I read God’s Word, I see.  Jesus did a few things….

  • Jesus stepped outside the church. The place Christian’s often feel most safe.
  • Jesus crossed all boundaries of economic status, religion, and race.
  • Jesus challenged us beyond the “us vs them” mentality.
  • Jesus, instead of waiting for non-Christian to enter the Synagogues of His day….Jesus went out and fearlessly engaged with “them”.
  • Jesus mingled with “unrespectable” people. Jesus found points of connections with “the least of these”.  All people.
  • Jesus didn’t just reside in Pharisee and Sadducee circles.
  • And ultimately, most importantly, above all else……..Jesus loved…...

And it is this great commandment that plagues my thinking….my heart and desire to help bloggers unite.  Whether….. 

  • A life long Christ follower.
  • A church pew warmer.
  • One who straggles in only on Christmas and Easter…..or….
  • One who never goes to church at all.

You are welcome here!!!  I am, or at one time or another, have been just like you.

And my heart is not to judge….but to welcome YOU!


  1. Come.  Let us get to know you.
  2. Join…..“Unite the Blogger-Sphere” where there are really NO RULES.  
  3. Link your blog up here. Then, if you will, post our UNITE button or some kind of link on the post you link up here. (Just copy & paste the code on the right below the button to your html)
  4. Take time to read. Let us get to “meet” you.  And if there is time, comment on a few people.

And if you get a chance, while looking through others blogs….ask…..

                                                                    Are we really all that different?  

                                                        What’s the common thread that intertwines us? 

                                                                What can we learn from one another?

*  (Family Friendly “G” Rated Material only please.)

Click “Home” each Tuesday to unveil the latest Link-up event for UNITE.  It’s all about community and you.

Yes, YOU have an open invitation here each Tuesday.  Will you join us?

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