What Is God Asking of You?


I don’t know about you, but I can get caught believing …Grace paves our way to heaven, so we don’t have to do anything. Recently, God’s been showing me just how much false teaching has been slipping into my thinking. In studying scripture, something I had never considered before was revealed to me…Jesus frequently asked people […]

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When His Presence Surpasses Presidents. UNITE Linky


I can barely scan Facebook. The wars of him and her, party lines, people and histories, temperaments and issues…filling so many minds with confusion. And yet, did Jesus live in a similar day? “Render to Caesar what is Caesars”, (Matt 20:21) he answered those petitioning whether to pay taxes to those competing with modern day ideology. Still […]

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Hearing His Call Amidst the Chaos


It all started, here. This miraculous story. My third trip to Chi*a. A country my husband said he would never be entering. A vision. A light. A calling to enter. Every day, we each have choices. Go where He leads us or let fears and hesitations, doubts and intellectualism drown out the calling He’s placed within […]

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