What No One Tells Weary Moms


It’s not glamorous. There, I said it! There is nothing Facebook-worthy, or Instagram pretty about spagetti strung all across the kitchen floor. Cherrios lingering in the corners of your home, urine lined-toilets because little boys can’t aim, or a teenager assaulting you with language heard at school…. Not. glamorous. Yes, there’s nothing Hollywood or hopeful about […]

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Bend Low and Pull Them Up


It was only days. Days of forcing my face to look upon their scars. I knew I had a home across the ocean, around the water, on the other side of the globe… One where feathered beds can keep me, warm compassionship knew me, and a life kept tight from trauma like I had seen at […]

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One Step To Greater Freedom This Year


Y’all SIX! That’s right, six HUGE garbage bags stuffed plum FULL of clothes from my closet. Clothes I never wear. And before I continue, I think it is important to make clear, I am far from a hoarder, someone who keeps things for their emotional value. STUFF really doesn’t matter to me. PEOPLE do. But, God […]

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When You Wonder Who You Are


Less than one percent. That was it. I couldn’t understand it, but facts never lie. From the time I was a little girl, I was saturated with the understanding that my Grandparents migrated from Norway. My parents owned the leather trunk my ancestors brought over, made krumkake, dangled red flags with indigo blue and white lined […]

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