A Poem

Some see life like a test. Others see life as a growing experience…a chance to learn from people, experiences, or trials.

I see life like a Poem.



1)  Composition designed to convey experiences, ideas, or emotions in a vivid and imaginative way.

2)  A use of language for sound or suggestive power.

3)  A writing of intensity and beauty.

4)  A creation, object, or experience having beauty.


Like A Poem:

1)  Life has a poetic flow.  In and out, waxing and waning between sorrow and triumph.

2)  Life can be a long melodic verse and at other times have short, concise, separated themes.

3)  Life often flows in perfect rhyme. Other times, we struggle for words, creating imperfect prose.

4)  Life is not a singular word. Such as “good”, “easy”, or “fun”. More less, life is a blended mixture between verbs and nouns; active, and passive voices.  Each experience connected to the other. Each moment, a necessary element in the poem of life.


Like The Word:

1)  Poetry is in the Bible.  Example: Lamentations, the longest and best known poem. Seen as an artistic achievement of its day. Another example, Psalms, where David works through every emotion: grief, hurt, and fear…candidly revealing his true self to both God and man.

2)  Although life is sometimes easier using logic, formulas, and stoic reasoning…Biblically, the Pharisees relied solely on head knowledge. God’s people lived from a more free flowing, poetic position….an intimate, heart connection with Jesus Christ.

3)  Poetry, like The Word, & life….when open to it’s message…forces transparency, brings healing, & feeds the soul.

4)  Poetry is creative. God, a Creator. The Word, alive & living…A creative expression from God.  All baring emotion, feeling, and intensity that man made religions, intellectual reasoning, & lifeless gods will always lack.


Like Me…

I could write a logical, intellectual blog…in fact I did, once. I value reason and intellect.  However, from the time I was little, poetry has been my native tongue.  I would often walk home from elementary school…looking up at the clouds…talking to God in poetic form. I often sing, random, made up poetry as a creative expression to My Lord.  And to be frank…expressing myself comes easier rhyming than with any other form of communication.  So hank you for embracing me friend…just the way I am.   

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