When We All Need A Face Taped To Our Refrigerator #UNITE Linky


We talked about adopting him. Five, desperately needing a home, all the way from across the world, China.

His eyes connected with us the moment we spotted him. And if eyes truly are the window to the soul, how could one keep looking into a child needing a family….

And not do something?

I had read the posts, about how #wheelchairsarentscary, from people like Linny Saunders

And I knew a life of faith, was better than living fearful and intimidated of something we didn’t understand….

But, as we prayed and waited, as we asked God and pleaded for divine wisdom and intervention…

His face became a tangible picture…

One we printed and stuck to our refrigerator, so we could pray for this little boy, constantly.

It was that third trip to China, God whispered, “You’ll be going back”.

I didn’t know how, when, or where, but when God puts something on your heart, you can’t force the details…

Sometimes to have faith means just waiting and praying, letting time and His Spirit unravel clarity, in due season.

That entire next year, I walked by his picture, daily. I opened the refrigerator, as well as looked at his face while cooking or cleaning…

And each time I did, I prayed.

Portrait of cute little asian boy.

I prayed for him to have a forever family.

I lifted up this little boy I first heard singing, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” on Facebook.

This boy I knew was really smart. The one I had played with on the floor in China. This kid we locked eyes with as we rolled cars back and forth, on his foster home floor, a world away.

And sometimes, we pray, and it can seem futile. We can ask and plead, and not yet, not understand how there will ever be answers to what we are asking…

And many, will even give up on God because they didn’t get what they want, when they wanted it….

But God is the God of the impossible, he sees, and answers….even when we don’t always see the answer to what we are expecting.

He is Sovereign, and when we know He is good, when we trust He is full of Love for us, our hearts just want to keep talking to Him, more and more.

A few weeks ago, we returned to China. We saw that little boy, sitting on a chair…

Bigger. With glasses now.

We walked in the room, and oh, how God loves to surprise us.

There had been a cancelled flight. I turn to my side and see the family of that same little boy, there, at the exact same time we are, coming to adopt him…

This family had prepared, saved money, been planning and doing paperwork, pursing this same little boy, the entire year we had been praying for them.

And now, here they were. Making him part of their forever family. And we were there to witness it….

What are the chances?

Both of us in China at the exact same hour. The prayers and the answer in the exact same spot…

Both from America, now half way across the world, together!

From prayers and pleading, daily, because of some picture taped to our refrigerator, to actually meeting His forever family, across the world, in China.

So, I urge you friends, talk to God. He hears you. He is not deaf. He is not too far off, that He won’t come running to meet you where you are.

No child should be left without parents. Maybe you are called to adopt. Or,1 maybe to something different….

But you can advocate, and pray, and you can seek His face for specific children.

You can tape a face to your refrigerator of a child that needs advocacy….

Or maybe place the face of someone you just want to be praying for there, and daily talk to God about them?

Even more incredible…

We discovered recently, not one, but two of the little children we have had taped to our refrigerator for a year, now both have families…

Imagine that!

Keep praying, friends.

  • Pray for His presence and His divine hand to move on behalf of the orphan.
  • Pray for faith and wisdom and for those to rise up and be the church in a tangible, visible way, all around us.
  • Pray that we would be more than clanging symbols, but people who do hard, walk wherever He calls us.
  • Pray that nothing would stop us from reflecting His light in darkness.
  • Pray that we would love others, the way Christ has so richly loves us.

Not everyone can adopt, but all of us can pray! 

And who knows, what life might change, simply at the result of some face…

Quietly taped to your refrigerator.


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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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  1. absolutely and positively GOD at work in answer to your prayers…. tears of rejoicing reading this Jenger!!


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