Why it’s important to Stop. Slow Down. And Enjoy the Holidays.


Are you a brier rabbit.  Racing to the finish.  Or the turtle.  Walking thoughtfully.  Carefully.  Methodically.  To it’s purpose.

Are you a goal setter.  Achiever.  Feeling more satisfied when there is a task. Running fast….until you complete it?

And why is it.  Holidays have a way.  Of entangling our legs.  Pulling us into it’s own chaos.

Strangling us of strength.  Energy.  Time. Real purpose.

And I go back…to Christ?

His eyes were fixed too.  On the finish.  On Calvary.  His goal. His plan.  His purpose.  Clear.  

Yet, at the same time….He was careful.  Thoughtful. Intentional.  He didn’t fill His life with pockets of hot air….

He was determined to finish the race….God’s way.

And as these holidays come like a ferocious storm.  I want to play God.  Put my hand up to the storm.  And stop these holidays drowning me.  From believing.  Seeing.  Remembering….

The real reason….

Christ came.  Christ died.  Christ lives.

And as I meditate upon my own heart.  Comprised.  Lured by commercials.  And tragedies trying to shift.  Our focus.

I find.  God is not as much about ornamental representations….as He is about people’s salvation.

And if we buy the perfect gift.  Drive furious miles.  Past seasons.  But fail to slow down.  Stop.  Look out the windows of self.  To people.  Where is the blessing?

The real reason Christ came?  The real gift that keeps giving?

And this year…..I don’t want to miss it….

  • The sitting and explaining to children.  
  • The going to see those shut in.  
  • The looking methodically along.  Spirit completely open.  
  • Meeting needs.  Those calling out for more….than fleeting presents.  
  • Those crying for someone to see them…..

The eternal present.  People.

For too often.  Don’t we? Mass market everything.  Presents.  Meaning.  Even God.

And when did we start thinking.  “Material” things can replace the thoughtful, obedient, intentional call of God.  The looking. The seeing. The reaching….

That really explains why Jesus came.  The stretching of our arms of real, sacrificial love.  The faithful walk.  To our destiny.

So, this year….can we stop ourselves in prayer. And….

Let our eyes be fixed on Jesus.  Our will….Not just be to get to the finishing line…..But like a turtle…..

  • Climb slowly.  
  • Gaining endurance.  
  • Seeing. 
  • Knowing….

It’s about the journey.  And the eternal gift.  Jesus.  The One Perfect Gift at Christmas.

And bringing people.  From where they are.  Along with us.  To the finish line….

Instead of trying to be first.

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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. You can find her writing, overlooking her property, advocating for the orphan domestically and internationally, & making memories with her husband of 24 yrs.
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