Walking On Water When The Storms of Life Surround You


In the quiet.  Out here.  Where nothing can be heard.  But the downpour of the fallen. The crackling and bolt of pain found deep in the storm now.

And I close my eyes to see His face.  For the tranquil waters of yesterdays have passed……And no open sky lies before me.  Only clouds.  Clouds of my heart refusing to part to further pain.

And in this silent place.  It is here where true faith finds me.  

This place where no eyes can see the Promised Land. No flesh can taste the essence of Him.  And on the skin is only the wind and sting of so many things keeping me…..in the eye of the storm.

Yet, it is here in this darkest hour, where the world of the soul opens.  And eternity becomes all we are striving for.

And the ships that pass and toot their horns…..and the vessels of grandiose……seem only vain……Having absolutely no appeal anymore.

And it is here where Jesus walks on water.

So, I close my eyes of my soul to meet Him.  His voice calling from this boat of doubters.  He is present as the world looks at the downcast skies.  Darkness overhead.  And says…..”We all are lost”.  It is hear the eyes of The Only Saving Grace can fully help us.

And I reach.  And step.  And long for Him all the greater…..as he welcomes me nearer The Father’ Heart.

But then, loved ones.  I see them. Unlike the disciples who at least ventured out.

These ones…their ships still tied to shores of reason.  As waves crash in their lives, surrounded by thunders of doubt….they have willingly welcomed…..

Refusing to let go.

Though the rope to land that they had thought would save them…..will actually keep them….flooding their gallows with the waters from the storm.

And oh how I want to help them.  But, I have shifted my eyes from the Savior….to be the Savior…..far too often….

And it has only brought destruction.

So, I must, must trust….

The same one who calls me….calls them.

Reaching. Patiently.  In love.  Stilling the storm with His presence.  Making a path of grace through the waters of life…..

In hopes that they might cut cords of pride…..

Trusting. Believing. Reaching for…..

The light in His eyes.  The hope in His grip. The peace of His presence.

So, I pray, my friend. That as I touch His hand.  And keep Him in the center of my storm….

I can whisper in His ear….your name too.  So that He might run to you. Run to you…..carrying me.  And severe the cord……the ones flesh and works and will had no power to.  The cords keeping you back from the fullness of what God has promised you…..

Redeeming….a lifetime of weather…..by one touch of His hand.

He alone has the power. To free us from the land…..empowering us to walk on water…..

Though the rain may pound and the wind can knock us off our feet…..over and over again….

It is away from the shore.  Out of the boat that we will find Him….

If we are willing……to cut the cord……look into His eyes…..

Get out of the boat.

And walk on water.

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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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  1. Oh Jen…just so beautiful…I was just going to drop you a note today…so on my heart…oh grace and peace as you launch out into the deep…holding on to nothing except HIM!! will pray for Grace to let Him be Savior of all in this place…
    Love and prayers to you my sister…

  2. Hi Jen – beautiful. God alone has the power to free us from land into the water or should I say, onto the water :) And I love the new look of your blog. Love visiting.
    God bless

  3. oh, I have missed your presence at SDG — posts like these, I find myself nodding at nearly every sentence. I am on that boat with you, sister. How many times have I confused my role and fallen short? Oh, that we may always be connected to the Lifeline that He is!

  4. beautiful lessons….we have to keep our eyes on Him.
    It sounds so easy and logical…why is it so hard?!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. Ells – You are so precious. Your thoughts, concern, & prayers carry me.

    Tracy – Thanks, my sister!

    Christan – Isn’t it crazy how the world around us reflects Christ…and sometimes we don’t even see it. How cool that a mask from a boat IS the image of Jesus & a reminder of His love, huh! :)

    Inda – Thanks for stopping by. Good to see new faces.

  6. Jen – True for sure, friend, true for sure!

    Emily – Thanks. Your faith always stirs me as well. Keep up the great work!

    Momof8 – Great question. I wonder too sometimes. I am thinking recently however, that if it was always easy…we would never need to lean on Him? Still asking…still seeking answers with you, sister.

    Alicia – Amen! So worth it, indeed! :)

  7. Awesome post Jen. Sometimes He calms the storms and sometimes He invites us to walk on the waves, but He’s always there in the storm.

    While I most blog about things God’s showing me in teaching and devotionals, I do some creative writing at times as well. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one: An Arsonist in a Flammable World

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