Adoption Stories – His Faithfulness by Kymm


Swaziland. Adoption. Foster care. Testimonies. This next family sharing for National Adoption Month, seem to have done it all. They lead teams to Africa, have a growing ministry, foster, adopted four, and together have eight children. They run camps and help at-risk kids, both here in the states and across he world, in Africa. Yet, they […]

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Exciting News for National Adoption Month


Sit with me for more than two minutes, and you will realize just how passionate I am about adoption. Unlike some, my heart for adoption isn’t about some humanitarian feat, a Hollywood trend, or even a hope at some “works of righteousness” because I believe myself to be some kind of “good” person. My heart for adoption […]

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When Fall Brings Loss and The Cross


Fog sleeps deep on our open field, this crisp fall morning. And it’s almost like someone told heaven, the weight of my very own heart. A slippery, unfinished deck, flashes me back to last summer. Memories of sitting there, watching kids play, hearing their laughter dancing through my being. Yet, what was relaxing has now become […]

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