Holy of Holies #UNITE Linky


On wings I ride to the Holy of Holies. We soar, and glide, and rise to the place the glory dwells. Light burst forth and I cannot contain the joy. Weightless. Fully blessed. Up in the air where they see a sight, hear a sound rumbling in heaven. I see His face; gentle, wise, strong. The […]

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I Almost Missed It


I almost missed it. No, not the grande display of wondrous, media worthy miracles. Not the heightened emotion or perfect pictures able to display for all to see. Not the life-changing trip, newest purchase, or that moment creating envy, jealousy, or greed…. But the small and the still, and the quiet and the insignificant. Those are […]

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Your Beautiful, Messy Calling #UNITE


He sounds like a seal barking. Deep, low, “whoop whoop”, coming from his mouth, as the weather doesn’t seem to know what it wants from us, yet…. Sun and clouds, rain, the rays. And who knows what’s coming tomorrow? And when our life has no clear forecast, when we can’t play God and pin our plans […]

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Don’t Despise Barren Land


I despised those first, hundreds of years old trees, cut in early spring. We moved here because we loved nature…. Not because we wanted to see developers cut it down. But a city growing, and prime land, doesn’t appreciate the mother deer and two fawns I saw last year, eating apples from the wild tree, planted […]

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Popping the Christian Bubble #UNITE


Jet lagged from my sixteen hour flight from China, I get a call that our newest addition is having serious behavior issues. Our home group is scheduled for Saturday, along with basketball, homeschooling work piling up, and this article was due five days ago. Seasons past weren’t this hectic. In fact, there were days when I […]

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