When a Motherless Boy Becomes Hunted


America’s Most Wanted. I never imagined. You were older, unrecognizable, on the mugshot stating, “Convicted felon”. And who says sin and pain, loss and anger don’t change the composite of one’s face? If it weren’t for your hazel eyes, light skin, your spirit begging behind those wrinkles…I would have never recognized you. In fact, I had […]

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The Humble Goal Of One Busy Mama


Let’s face it, New Year’s Resolutions can become bipolar. January 1st we start with dreams of grandiose proportions; lose 100 pounds, sail the Pacific Ocean, run a 26 mile marathon. Then, a few months, weeks, or maybe even days later, we crash; sink into the hollowest pit of despair, wondering why we failed, beat ourselves up, […]

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You Are A Little Bit Taller Now…

I saw you today. Far from your home. Your afro-blonde curls, like a magnet to my soul. But you were taller, quieter, stronger than before. I almost didn’t recognize you.  I saw your little brother first. Mohawk, running A.D.D. as usual, until some blonde lady called him near. I didn’t recognize him either, so I ventured […]

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What No One Tells Weary Moms


It’s not glamorous. There, I said it! There is nothing Facebook-worthy, or Instagram pretty about spagetti strung all across the kitchen floor. Cherrios lingering in the corners of your home, urine lined-toilets because little boys can’t aim, or a teenager assaulting you with language heard at school…. Not. glamorous. Yes, there’s nothing Hollywood or hopeful about […]

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Bend Low and Pull Them Up


It was only days. Days of forcing my face to look upon their scars. I knew I had a home across the ocean, around the water, on the other side of the globe… One where feathered beds can keep me, warm compassionship knew me, and a life kept tight from trauma like I had seen at […]

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