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Why did they miss Him? Sometimes I wonder…

Generations passing, waiting, reading about Him.

Yet, the book wasn’t finished. The entry seemingly insignificant. So, they waited, watching…

Bethlehem_Star_But far to many missed Him.

They say He is coming back, but where are they looking? They want grandiose and big entries, but maybe we are too see Him in the simple, small…the places others aren’t expecting?

The star wasn’t indifferent. It shone bright, omnipotent…But too many were looking down, and around, instead of up. Is that why they miss it?

And maybe we too should be philosophizing, leading sheep, and we too will see the sign, have angel encounters, look in the way of the stable where the infant baby was sleeping.

Yet, we eat and drink, scurry around, especially at Christmas time…Missing the Savior.

I saw a bright star the other night, and I wondered if it was like, His star…that star so long ago?

And yet, the sky is our gift, the light, the oyster…But too many want the ocean, that they miss the compression making beauty.

We too want the miracle of Jesus. We want the holy clothe, the sandals passing, the hands laid on us, for healing. But we are busy, not looking, spinning around, all the while missing the miracle sadly only few saw.

And if evil, like Herod, knows there’s a Christ-child and burns with passion to pursue the long awaited and prophesied child….Shouldn’t we too pursue Him with every once of energy we’ve got?

If we know He has come, and is coming again….Do we stop, give up, scamper around, and forget that the ones that touched Him never were disappointed.

And I long for a touch of His cloak, this Christmas. I long for His eyes to look deeply in mine, His hand to touch me, His heart to fill me, His wholeness to pursue me…So I can overflow with joyful goodness, love pouring out from every corner of my being…

But doesn’t scripture say that we are refreshed as we refresh others? And in giving food and water to the least of these we are unknowingly, welcoming in His presence.

I once longed for religion. For plastic molds, and skeleton-like demonstrations of my God…as if He was gone and farbaby-jesus-in-manger off…and not yet near.

But He came so long ago. He lives, and walked, and breathed His Spirit into the souls of His children…

And now I just want to see His second entry. The white horse, the Holy heavens declaring, “He was, and is, and always will be”…

Because too many rush by and miss Him. Too many lives get caught up in what they think God and spirituality should look like…

But what if we nestled our hearts nearer to His Word, got lost in worship, spent time on our knees, waiting upon the Lord…wouldn’t we find Him too?

Doesn’t love pour out from those seeking, knocking? Doesn’t He run towards us the measure our feet start running towards His countenance?

And we can never run away from grace, because He is coming for the weak, the lost, the least of these.

Those tuning their ear to the things of heaven, those leaning on grace, those letting mercy, and hope, and His goodness find a way…

For all else fades. The glamore and fame, the chaos, and worldly praise….

But those things tucked tight into grace will never be disappointed. Those pulling off their masks and letting Jesus see them fully, will never see God with images that lie…

They will fall by His side, raise their voices and tongues with the heavenly angels, when He comes the second time…

Not like a lamb, but like a lion.

Let’s lift up our heads, open our eyes and see Him. Scripture tells us, “He is coming”.


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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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  1. Yes, I also pray for eyes to see and ears to hear! Sometimes this hectic and trying thing called *life* has a way of distracting us from focusing on the only One who matters – our Lord and Savior. May He remind us, especially at this time of year, that He is always there. We just have to stop, be still, and know…

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, and GOD BLESS!

    (I so enjoyed your interview with Cheryl! Jen, you are truly an inspiration…)

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