UNITE Linky (Short Video) Our Family’s Adoption Story

Oh friends,

Can I just share something personal with you?

Christmas 2006 (63)As most know, we have been foster parents for ten years.

We have been in court battles with twelve-year-old’s who have been abused, carried struggling, drug-exposed preemies for years of sleepless nights, and held far too many children who have had brain damage because a parent or boyfriend got in a rage over something insignificant….

Yet, as I have been recovering from surgery these past two weeks, God has been burdening me with the need to really look at the miracle he has done in my very own family.

And why is it we can see a God who has done the impossible for others, while simultaneously be blinded to the reality that He has been a miracle-working God to us all along?

So, while I have been meditating on all the miraculous things He has done, God prompted me to make up a short video on this past, Orphan Sunday, telling of our journey of the adoption of our daughter.

First, let me warn you, the following video is not professional.

It took us nearly twenty hours, a crash course in Window’s Movie Maker 2.6 with no manual, a computer and program break-down, as well as losing the original video, literally moments before the following video was completely finished…

So, please bare with me…And even while being stuck in bed after surgery, with my limited expertise with media…

I can still see His mercy and grace saturated through every once of the God-story He has created .

And honestly, if it was not for my husband helping to convert my project into movie mode, the following video below would not exist. So, “Sweetie, thank you”.

My prayer as you watch this is that God is glorified, that you will be captured by His beautiful heart for the adoption of lives, and that you will be more than moved…but that you’ll let grace spill onto you until you are ready to bring change, because of His great love.

Thanks for watching! Looking back and giving praise for what He’s done!


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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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  1. Hi, Jen, First of all, I am so sorry to hear you had to have surgery. I am so far behind on my reading, it seems I cannot get caught up! I do trust God will bless you and allow your recovery time to be short and complete, with no complications! I can’t wait to watch your video and see what amazing things God has done for you and your family. I know you have a heart for orphans, and I just wanted to mention Joshua Becker’s new ministry for orphans to you, in case you would like to become involved. It is called, “The Hope Effect”, and I just did an interview with him, and it is now live on my blog, if you care to learn more.
    Cheryl Smith recently posted…The Inner Views of Joshua BeckerMy Profile

  2. Wow…. this video made me shed tears. Truthfully nothing about us takes God by surprise. I love the story, I love your family and love the fact that you are into orphans ministry.
    Being also a Mother Theresa wanna-be, I’m always greatly encouraged when I see people going out of their way to love this young innocent ones back to life.
    Thanks Jen for sharing this video, it really blessed my heart this morning. I pray for quick recovery from the surgery and without any side effect.
    God Bless you richly.
    Love, Grace.
    Grace Esedeke recently posted…LESSONS FROM THE BOOK OF NUMBERS: PART 1… and LINK UP {WEEK 5}My Profile

    1. Grace – Oh friend, oh how I seems we are kindred spirits in so many ways! That’s the thing about internet…it’s nearly impossible to see people face to face, look them in the eyes, hear their heart and journey along with someone in the same way we can do face to face. Still, trusting He is using you, doing great things through the love and compassion you have for other people’s lives!

      May God bless YOU richly today, my friend! Sincere thanks to you today for your love and encouragement!
      Jen Avellaneda recently posted…Women; You Were Made For The Battlefield. Rise From Complacency and Fight.My Profile

  3. Beautiful family, touching video, and amazing testimony, Jen! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, beautiful friend! It has truly been a blessing to visit with you this morning! Also, I pray divine healing and a swift recovery over you, Love! GOD bless you! :-)

    1. Cheryl – Your words just stir my heart.

      “Yes, Lord”. Oh how I want to respond, “Yes, Lord” to EVERYTHING He asks of us!

      “Availability” is something God has been nudging my heart with these past two weeks on bed-rest. Oh what He might do if we were available in every circumstance, no matter what He asked, we’d say, “Yes, Lord”?

      Thanks for sharing and confirming His whisper from the Secret Place!
      Jen Avellaneda recently posted…8 Biblical Victories Found in Praise and ThanksgivingMy Profile

    1. Friend – Oh how I wish I could sit across from the table with you with a cup of coffee. Your words, expectantly sink DEEP concerning something I sooo needed to hear today.

      “He does not sacrifice our loved ones in the process.” Yes, yes, and YES! So life giving this is to me today…you don’t even know! Thank you!!
      Jen Avellaneda recently posted…Why Good People Suffer. And UNITE LinkyMy Profile

    1. Deb – I am not sure that I have heard your adoption story. Again, the hard part about the internet, is that we can share together, shed tears of joy together, and share testimonies together in the same way as if we were face-to-face.

      Yes, how many amazing people God has placed here at UNITE. Thankful for you, Deb and for for so many lives that have influenced and changed mine over these past few years!
      Jen Avellaneda recently posted…11 Ways to Protect Our Kids – UNITE Linky.My Profile

  4. ABSOLUTELY!! What a beautiful adoption story, Jen, and the video and music are so fine. Your Nicole is beautiful, having a smile that just beams, from her early days to today. Thanks for sharing this.
    I understand this month is National Adoption Month. I made a comment on a blog that is doing 30 days of stories of adoption. I wrote of God adopting me and all of us who say, “yes” to Jesus. Just a comment. And the blogger asked me if I would write a post on just that kind of adoption. So I have and it will be posting later this month…called “A Different Perspective – Linda’s Story.”
    I may not have adopted my own child, yet I have had hundreds come through my life through classrooms and tutoring. But, most importantly, I have been adopted. Amen.
    love you, ~ linda
    ~ linda recently posted…Father GodMy Profile

    1. So happy for your opportunity, Linda! “30-Days of Stories of Adoption” just thrills me beyond belief! I bet your article is fabulous!

      And such a great point….adoption is not just about having some judge declare a non-biological child is yours…it’s lifting our wings, pulling those needing love and nurturing into our very own hearts. It’s about welcoming those that might not have the resources others do into our lives and caring for them like Jesus would.

      Why did I not know you were a teacher? What a mighty influence I am sure you have had, sister! Bless you as you share HIS heart and what it means that the God of the Universe stooped down and adopted US!
      Jen Avellaneda recently posted…Where to Find Break-Through When the Day Grows Dark? UNITE LinkyMy Profile

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