Why God Can Use YOU Despite Your Missing Pieces

I expected to see the armless, legless, Nick Vujicic, play on a big screen his God-given feats; ski-diving, skate-boarding, surfing, doing things unbelievable because of a “good attitude” and “positive thinking”.

After all, isn’t He a speaker, an author, a celebrity of sorts, motivating people to, “do great things”?

It's still puzzling meBut, he didn’t.  In fact, I went to the church and didn’t see Nick Vujicic at all. 

Just a table, a Bible, and a limbless man, humbling talking about Jesus and how, although we can’t….God can.

Then, at the end, hundreds of people flooded to the front of this large sanctuary.

When they came, I stood back, not believing a message with no “oomph”, no “flash”, no “big lights” or “fanfare”…a message so simple even the least of these could understand it could draw such a big crowd.

“Twice this many will be coming. Come”, Nick beckons.

And I don’t know if I have just been tainted by fluffy preaching, deceived by the many claiming something would be happening…but then, it didn’t, so I doubted, was skeptical that God would reveal Himself through words so simple, a man so unassuming.

But then, there was a baby in a manger, a virgin unexpected, a cross and resurrection uncomplicating “religion”.

They came.

480, the last number stated.  Still people trinkled out from their places, not just to “shoot up a hand”, or seek some temporary, empty-hearted claim to enter heaven…

They flooded to the podium…sincere, somber, humble, true.  Each one filling out a card indicating they really wanted God…not just some genie, not just some carnal god, giving them everything they wanted.

Souls thirsty, drawn by some invisible force, convicted by His Spirit so much so that sin wasn’t winning, doubt and lies, and deception couldn’t keep them from the new life waiting, the Jesus portrayed on the podium by the joyful, Nick Vujicic.

And yet, so often don’t we get caught in that lie that says, we need to be full, completely whole, perfectly healed to lead the masses to Jesus?

Deception telling us, only the educated, “annointed”, those that look or play the part can truly fulfill the call of Jesus and be used to change the world.

Yet, God reminds us, so often, He uses the least likely to draw the masses to Him.

He uses the weak to confound the strong, the mouths of babes, those not seemingly eloquent, those that “man” might not have chosen. He uses those simply wanting to follow, those willing to be His light, leading a world full of darkness..to Jesus..

And in a day of media, marketing, in a day where we see only the good sides of people; posturing, presenting, social climbing, and plastic images….We can forget that Jesus pursued the least of theseDSCN5192, equips the calls, redeems those who will walk in His purposes displaying Christ instead of their own image.

And I am humbled at the message.  The simply gospel spoken lowly, simply…and the power that it has when we strip it to its bones, giving it the weight it deserves…

Pointing to Jesus, instead of to ourselves or to a preacher.

And I am reminded even now, Jesus called Peter, though He knew he would betray Him, Judas though He sold him, Zaccheaus as a tax collector, Paul regardless of His past persecution…

He calls each of us to be used by Him…though we aren’t perfect yet?

  • So, why is it we wait to be whole before walking where He leads us?
  • Why do we let the seeds of doubt infiltrate and poison our thinking?
  • Why can we claim we want, “God’s timing”, yet hesitate and doubt, making excuses for staying, stopping, not doing?
  • Why do we add confusion or let people’s opinions and questions deflate, derail, detain, or disillusion us…

Maybe it’s in the walking forward where our healing comes.  In the stepping out first that freedom is found. Could it be He wants you, yes you, and has great plans for your calling…regardless of your broken pieces…

Let’s stop waiting to be used until we are perfect, and by faith and in dependence, go out as we are and just start serving Him.

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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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