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Sandra Bullock (from Blindside), Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt. Why is it these are the name that surface when we think about adoption?

Don’t we know, adoption isn’t just for famous people, but for the imperfect, average and ordinary people simply willing to walk by faith. Adoption is a call for people like you and me?

How this all started.

A friend of mine has been trying to adopt recently. Her and her husband are amazing! I couldn’t hand pick two more perfect people to be parents PersonalAdoptionStoriesthrough adoption. Yet, she had some questions I couldn’t answer. So, I e-mailed three friends, who have wider adoption experience than I do.

While my friends were sharing  in our Facebook chat group, they were telling of the incredible workings of our amazing God…I mean incredible! Truly! And I am talking about the kind of stuff that would blow your mind…I mean, really!

Things that couldn’t be made up!  Little miracles, beautiful “coincidences”, only God could have worked out or prompted.

After all, I was thinking, why do we often only hear about the horror stories in adoption? What about the miracles? The little, seemingly randon God-given-events that confirm over and over again, God has a specific child for us, or those other moments, gives us a child’s name deep in the night before ever seeing his/her face.

And I thought….

Why not ask them to share their stories? Why not open up my blog (for the first time ever) to a group of real people, who have witnessed first hand, the MIRACLE of ADOPTION.

That is how this journey began. 

How it spread.

From there, I thought of name after name. People who I know personally who have touched me in some way or another, by adoption. So many doing their own thing, under the radar, without blogs, or platforms, Humbly. All for the glory of God alone.

So many navigating this sometimes, muddled and messy journey called adoption, silently harboring their own personal, incredible testimony, while others are asking, “Could God be calling me to adoption?”

Suprisingly, one-by-one, Facebook notices began to flash up on my phone. Friends became willing to share their own, personal stories.

Each time, my heart leaped. As I know a much fuller picture of these women; their triumphs and struggles, and yet, their determine to fall forward into the plan God has for them.

And I know, it is to God be the praise for all He has done.

Hollywood has nothin’ on these ladies!

And what a complete honor, humbling gift, to get to pass along these stories to you!

As you read their stories, keep in mind, these are down-to-earth, humble, and real people just like me and you, who simply chose to say “yes” to a God who can do all things, despite doubts, weakness or imperfections!

What you can do.

  1. Keep returning to this page. There will be more stories added to this page. We will be adding posts to this page, pretty rapidly, especially during the month of November which is National Adoption Month.
  2. Please SHARE. We all know friends or family who have wanted to adopt, but didn’t feel they were old enough, young enough, rich enough, or capable enough.  Well, good news friends, God does the miraculous, through empty, willing vessels. And who knows, your share could be the very thing that tips someone else to say, “yes” to adoption, making a once orphan, part of a loving family, forever.
  3. Comment. Please, would you take a second and comment on a particular post that touches you? Comments will encourage the author to share and keep sharing their own, personal story. And as writers, we all like comments.
  4. Remember. “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27)

How is God calling you to leap into your own story of adoption?

Thanks for sharing and reading, and please, if your touched by an article, leave a comment.


Keep checking back here as we will be adding new posts the entire month long, in celebration of November as National Adoption Month.