PRAYER – Where power and purpose awaits

Have you seen the movie, War Room?  It’s a movie of a wife and mom, played by Priscilla Shirer.

She is a woman, much like you and me. She went to church, raised her daughter, did all the “right things”.

But at the same time, unknowingly to many, she was struggling to hold her life together, living the “Good Christian” persona, while struggling in secret.

Her faith was stagnant, her husband started drifting, her relationship with her daughter was almost non-existent.

The story goes on to share about how the main actress tried to hold it together, but she couldn’t.  Have you ever felt that way too?

The plot changed when Priscilla, a real estate agent, went to sell the house of an elderly woman who just so happened to have a closet she had transformed into a, War Room.

Through the discipleship of this seasoned, veteran of the faith, Priscilla through the most difficult season of her life, bowed her knees and began to learn to pray.

Through prayers, Priscilla’s faith grew from “luke warm” to”hot”, her relationship with her daughter flourished, and through a season of hardship, her marriage not only survived, but her entire family began to learn to live, standing on The Rock, in prayer.

As you read this, I don’t know where you are today.  Maybe you once burned “hot”, or maybe you don’t even have the strength to do more than whisper, “help”.

Either way, God hears you. He listens to not just your words, but it is the heart-cry inside us that draws us near to Him.

In our home, prayer is not just an option. None of us would likely even be hear today if we didn’t model what Jesus taught us, what the church was founded on, what healing and hope has surfaced from, prayer.

Sadly, far to often, I think we get caught up in “churchy prayers”.

We want to stand just right, wait for just the right moment, we get fearful to pray with any “wrong” words or motives…so sadly, we can find ourselves, not praying at all…

However, scripture taught us, many of the prophets and saints of old weren’t formal, or polite, or politically correct when they poured their hearts out to God.

Prayer to them was less about “getting it right” and more about finding a soul-tie with the One who created the Universe.

Prayer to those in the Bible was about releasing and hearing, talking and waiting, than it was about any formal methods of ordained prayer or perfect performances for others to see.

And I wonder today, do we miss communion with Jesus because we want our prayers to be perfect, we want the stage to be set, our hearts to be right before we seek Him?

Still scripture teaches, God just wants abandoned dialogue, good or bad. He simply longs for us to communion with Him despite some ritualistic command to, “get it just right”.

I am far from “perfect pray-er”, but what I can say is that whether asking, repenting, praising, or petitioning, God always hears us when we take even one small step to draw closer to Him.

Will you join me in turning your heart to the one who loves you more than you could imagine?

In Him are secrets, a relationship, power, and healing like we never could have imagined.

It‘s a season He is asking, “Will you bow your knee to Me in prayer”.

Scripture says, in the last days, “My sheep will hear my voice.”

Will you take some time right now to revel in the beauty of the one who made you?

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