Our Adoption Story

Our adoption story, started with a little bundle from the DSHS office. Our eyes clicked instantly and when we looked at each other…

As if we had been old friends, connected somehow in heaven….met somewhere previously. God knew that was our daughter, and our family knew instantly she was the perfect fit for us!

1It wasn’t long before we were asked to adopt this three-month old doll, now closely connected to everyone of our family members is the most special way.

Our answer of course was, “yes”.

It’s funny because I feel prompted to share this….my heart was always to adopt. Yet, when we got licensed, I felt God tugging at my heart to only get licenced to foster-to-adopt….out of obedience to his foster journey we would undertake, and not to give as foster parents in hopes to just “get something” out of it.

I am very goal oriented, but over the years I have realized….He calls us more often to the longer journey, and our heart condition is valued more than the composition of our house’s number of children.

One thing I am convinced of is this, He longs, hopes to, and seeks to fulfill our hearts greatest desires…

But first, often, He calls us to lay those dreams and desires down at His feet. He wants alone to be our Pearl of Great Prize….and not have us chase after, run towards, have some hope or agenda, personal plan or dream to be some priority over Him.

It was in that place of surrender, that place where I submitted and trust Him to do what He wanted….when He brought to our home the most perfect baby girl!

I could try to go on in words about our journey, but the truth is, our Adoption from Foster Care video on Youtube better describes our adoption journey than anything I could share. …

Watch it by clicking below….

Adoption from Foster Care: Our Story

Thanks for reading! And may His heart guide you, if you are thinking considering, or have ever dreamed of adopting!

Adoption is a blessing!  It has been our greatest JOY!!

~  Jen

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