Our Family

1Who are those that God has put in your life, tattooed upon your heart, branded you with a burden for, for eternity?

Sometimes family is not just flesh and blood, but the eternal, unseen strings God weaves brilliantly, indescribably, between two people.

Here are some of the closest people God has placed in my life.  Is it o.k. if I share them with you?  These are the ones that make my heart beat, my life bright, vivid, appealing.  These are the ones I give thanks for, profusely.  Each one is a blessing straight from the throne room of grace.

These are my loves eternal….(When can I meet yours?)

Our Oldest Son

This is our eldest son. He is special for so many reasons and in so many ways.  I might describe him as gifted academically, musically, and creatively.  But the best thing about him is his strong heart, his love for truth and justice, his sensitivity and wisdom to listen to others, learning always and speaking with words of maturity and deep wisdom to those around him.

We so appreciate his strong convictions, his moral fortitude, his witty attitude, his loyalty and respect for whatever God puts before him.

Our eldest graduated from college at eighteen, then traveled with YWAM to Panama and the Philippines. God has clearly given Him a big picture, global perspective…something we anticipate seeing Him use more and more as His life continues.

Here are a few posts about our son:

 Oldest Daughter

Our second child, our oldest daughter, was born from day one, with a heart full of compassion.  I almost changed this photo, but as I look at it, I am reminded of all the reasons why I love her.  From the time she was a child, she was drawn to animals, people, to anyone and everyone she would meet….anywhere.

Her gifted-ness is with people, singing, and with children.  She inherited my husband’s vibrant, out-going, people loving personality.

Our eldest daughter sings like an angel, though she won’t admit it.  She is definitely determined and a high achiever.  This daughter is gracious, hates suffering, and is a great friend to those around her who need her.  You will find her always thinking of others.

Thanks sweetheart for being a bright light to all those around you!

Here are some post about my eldest daughter:

 Youngest Daughter
Oh, don’t get me started on our youngest daughter!  I could go on for days!  :)She has the most beautiful heart, is a leader, and is strong in so may ways. I love that she is unique, adopted, special in her own wonderful way.Where the four of us are more bookworms or creative, this daughter is physically gifted, emotionally unshaken, determined and a leader, gifted athletically.You can find her petting little animals, making friends with strangers at the playground, picking daisies to give randomly to those around her, hugging people….brightening their day with her smile and great personality.  She likes piggy backs, bedtime stories, soccer, track, and swimming lessons.She was adopted in the states.  We got her at three months.  And when we saw her, we just knew that she was meant to be part of our family.

You may have heard horror stories about domestic adoption or fostering….But if I had the chance to do it all over again, adopting our sweet girl through the system… I wouldn’t change a thing!

(Click HERE to watch the youtube video of our daughter’s adoption story)

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My Husband

 My husband..oh what can I tell you about Him?  He is brilliant, with an I.Q. almost doubling most people.  But, his brains is not why I love Him. I love him because he has grace for anyone, loves in a way that I had never known or could have imagined.

I often find him ministering to strangers, doing good deed so his right hand doesn’t know what his other hand is doing.

I fell in love with him when I saw him stop to help a little old lady carry her groceries to their car. Our dates often get haltered because we wouldn’t leave somewhere until he helped a stranger stranded, fix their car.  (Can’t tell you just how many times this happened) 

His heart is unconventionally big!  His compassion and mercy for others seems limitless at times! His judgement for others rarely exists! The gift of mercy is truly what God has gifted him with.

After twenty plus years of marriage, we are still fully in love, best of friends. Heart hitched. Soul tied. Clingers of Jesus.



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