Homeless Ministry

Spurgeon once said…

homeless“Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.”

And I don’t really know about that, but what I do know is…

“I don’t ever want to be calloused to other people’s needs”.

Jesus saw the outcast, noticed the hurting, and stopped what he was doing…even going out of his way to help the least of these.

As God has grown my heart for the homeless over the last nearly thirty years.

I have written the following posts in hopes to process my own feelings, uncover my own ignorance, deal with my own pride as I have often not realized…

I was rich…But yet I was poor, when it came to having His heart for the homeless.

Will you join me as I explore the world of homeless ministry; dispelling myths, even walking up and confronting and making friends with our world’s outcast?

Rich Faith Rising Post’s on Homelessness

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