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Do youDSC06197 question the call to go? Or are you a missionary who feels isolated and needing someone to simply understand?  Do you have a friend, a relative, or someone you just met who went on a missions trip?  Do you question, dissect or even “get” why people would even travel overseas to doctor, mend, feed the hungry, help the hungry, build houses, teach or aid another people group?

My hope in writing isn’t to answer all your questions, or to convince you to sell all you have and move to a third world country. 

My desire in writing is to plant the seeds that sprouted in me at a very young age, to offer windows into this calling, and to provide a sense of safety or understanding to those who live their lives as full-time missionaries.

Please remember as you read through this host of writing, that missions is more than suitcases or backpacks, passports, and fundraising….

Missions is about people.  And truth is, there are lost people all over the world….you don’t necessarily need to go to a third world country to find them.

As you read on, will you be praying, “God where are you sending me?  How can I serve you?  Where do you want me to minister and fulfill this Great Commission?”

But be careful…

You might end up in Africa.  Or you might just be called to those near you in your sphere of influence.  Either way, you are not exempt from the calling…

If you are a Christian, guess what?  God has called YOU to be a missionary!

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