The CHURCH and Christian living

fsac.1a34277      John Vachon    1942 or 1943       Church near Junction City, Kansas

What is the church?  A question this generation has been toying with; spinning it around endlessly, like juggling balls waiting to see if we can suspend this institution that seems to be shriveling…at least here in America.

And do we even need a building? Wasn’t the church a group of people, first?  Isn’t the “body of Christ” consisting of people, not man made stones upon one another?

What about the faculty? The corporate cohesiveness?  Is there room in the world for the business-like model of a modern day corporation?

Or was the church never meant to be an institution…but instead of free-loving people called to live life unexpected, outside-the-box, in a way that is counter-culture…not “religious?

All these questions can swirl around, poke and prod at us frequently.  Yet, despite it’s failing, I am part of and still believe in the gathering of people called modern day Christians.

I believe He has called us to be more thaTruth-and-Loven lifeless, dusty furniture, remaining stagnant in some building…but instead a vibrant, wildly in love people called to be His image, here on this earth.

So, will you join me as I explore what it means to be, the church?  Posts below aren’t representative of any people group of denomination.  They are simply my grasping thoughts. Thanks for your grace as you read them…

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