When Redemption is Found in Winding Trails. The Journey Of A Warrior Child.


We walk down this path. Again.  You and I. The one you “held back on”.  Almost a year ago.  When your eyes.  Downcast.  Heart.  Hard.  Your smile….. Reluctant. Shadows of pain.  Covering your soul.   Conversation.  Difficult.  Careful.  Cautious. You.  Uncomfortable.  Mentioning. The word, “Mother”.  Ruffled memories.  Making way to unsettling silence. Your fear. That paralyzing fear.  Crippling […]

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When A Homeless Man Smiles. A Tent. And BMW’s.


In the city.  I read a story.  Pregnant homeless woman.  Losing her business.  Without money.  Begging for food. Because inside her….His light.  A gift.  A baby. And I see it drive by….as it almost hits us.  The symbol.  Significant.  Racing down freeway to get to its exit.  As if no one else exists……but them. Then, there […]

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