Why it’s important to Stop. Slow Down. And Enjoy the Holidays.


Are you a brier rabbit.  Racing to the finish.  Or the turtle.  Walking thoughtfully.  Carefully.  Methodically.  To it’s purpose. Are you a goal setter.  Achiever.  Feeling more satisfied when there is a task. Running fast….until you complete it? And why is it.  Holidays have a way.  Of entangling our legs.  Pulling us into it’s own chaos. […]

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When Seasons Disappoint.

Broken  Christmas tree  toy  at  White  background.

Everywhere I turn, “Martha Stewart” type pictures sting. Taunt.  Patronize.  Sky high Christmas trees. Presents flowing…covering the floor of what others might call the perfect season. While our tree sits.  Undecorated. Presents everywhere. Hats.  New shoes.  Photos.  Santa.  Snow globes.  Lights.  Christmas cards with photos of families. Unflawed. While our cards sit.  Untouched.  Foster daughter.  Fighting […]

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When Christmas Brings Pain


There he is.  Clenched palms to chair. Lungs rising slowly……fighting for air. Wriggling in pain.  Last moments….before breath grants no more days. Cancer.  Like a thief in the night.  Taking away bodies ability to fight. The battle’s almost done. Eyes dim.  Struggling one…..recollecting what’s been left undone…….what’s to come. Hoping for answers to the unknown. Fear […]

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Would Jesus be Shopping?


We drive around for half an hour.  Looking for parking at an open air mall that calls us….because neighbors and friends continually keep asking….. Are you going shopping? The big day.  The big thing.  Buying more than needed. Caught up in the hurricane that roars in desperate silent pleadings…… “What you have is not enough.” And […]

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