When You Just Need Some Rest From This Chaotic, Collapsing World


Horizontal fingers have been flying all around, lately. Like a game of “Who dun it?” where we each become detectives. Each particpatants in some crazy mystery, trying to solve, discover, have opinions about why the world is collapsing. Floridian children lie in body bags, and our finite minds want answers, understandably. Cancer spreads without asking questions, […]

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What I Learned from my Parents the Day they Gave My Dog Away


Smart. Alive. Extremely affectionate. I can’t remember where we got Shelby, but her coloring resembled a malamute, possibly mixed with a little Norwegian Elkhound or Husky. Her tail curled up, encircling her backside with lush white fur. And I remember as a child, just sitting along the windowseal, staring out at her dancing around the back […]

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In Debt? How Much Do You REALLY Owe?


4:30 a.m. I randomly run across a pastor describing his old porn addiction. “I asked God to let me reach the nations”, He describes. “But my addiction remained.” He went on…“It wasn’t until my prayer changed, freedom came. It changed to, ‘God let me know you more.’” He explains, we must get to that place of […]

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The Day I Found Out My Daughter Was Deaf


It literally felt like days, sitting in that white sterile room, in the center of our city’s best hospital. A long, heavy curtain separated me from where they took my baby, like the cloak of fear that drapped my heart. “Would she return?” “Could she have an allergic reaction to the anticetic?” “Is there a chance […]

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11 Keys to Effective Communication in Marriage


Silence. It’s all we heard. During lunch, at the museum, throughout our entire day in Seattle. It was like the Twilight Zone episode I saw as a kid, where a man went into a realm where he was invisible, people worked, did what they needed…but never communicated. The man screamed and shouted, trying to get everyone’s attention…but […]

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