What No One Tells Weary Moms


It’s not glamorous. There, I said it! There is nothing Facebook-worthy, or Instagram pretty about spagetti strung all across the kitchen floor. Cherrios lingering in the corners of your home, urine lined-toilets because little boys can’t aim, or a teenager assaulting you with language heard at school…. Not. glamorous. Yes, there’s nothing Hollywood or hopeful about […]

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Bend Low and Pull Them Up


It was only days. Days of forcing my face to look upon their scars. I knew I had a home across the ocean, around the water, on the other side of the globe… One where feathered beds can keep me, warm compassionship knew me, and a life kept tight from trauma like I had seen at […]

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One Step To Greater Freedom This Year


Y’all SIX! That’s right, six HUGE garbage bags stuffed plum FULL of clothes from my closet. Clothes I never wear. And before I continue, I think it is important to make clear, I am far from a hoarder, someone who keeps things for their emotional value. STUFF really doesn’t matter to me. PEOPLE do. But, God […]

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