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Sit with me for more than two minutes, and you will realize just how passionate I am about adoption. Unlike some, my heart for adoption isn’t about some humanitarian feat, a Hollywood trend, or even a hope at some “works of righteousness” because I believe myself to be some kind of “good” person.

My heart for adoption stemmed from the hollow and horrific understanding of what it means to be an a true orphan, the gap between my own sins and what it means to, by the grace of God, enter into the “Family of God”.

Yes, our own adoption wasn’t a result of some act of our own righteousness, but because we truly “got” the gift of how He specifically chose us, drew us, predestined, and determined us as now His very own, beloved children…

I mean, just think about it….

While we were yet still sinners, Christ died for us. How cool is that?

So, in anticipation of this exciting news, as we merge into National Adoption Month, I am sure you will hear a ton about how you can “help”, or be a “good person”….

How YOU can rescue, save, or supposedly be some “savior” to an orphan.

But before reading further, will you just sit awhile, stop and remember what Christ has done for you?

Will you put back into perspective, how adoption isn’t just about helping, being selfless, or growing our own desired will or family?

Adoption is the reflection of our position in Christ, a response to His call and choosing of us, an act resulting from God’s grace-filled stance of lavishly pouring His love on us….

father-daughterWhile we were still sinners…Never earning, striving, and deserving any of it….

Once orphaned, disabled, lost, without family, abandoned, disrupted by sin….and now, children; redeemed, restored, renewed, specifically chosen, secure as part of His family.

Friends, just think….we are now called sons and daughters!

We can now come and eat at His banqueting table without spot or blemish!

We have been given new life, a new family, an inheritance of His love, that none of us have earned or merited!

All because of His beautiful grace. All due to His offering of mercy. All a result of His plan and tenderness. It is because of His divine goodness that us, while once orphaned, have now been adopted!

So, please don’t just read further without really grasping the fullness of our own adoption by Him and for His glory.

Now, let me introduce something exciting and new here at Rich Faith Rising.

With it being National Adoption Month, I am sure you will hear a ton of adoption stories, through Facebook, Twitter, and any number of other social media streams.

And yet, the common theme is often centered around the adopting parent(s) and how great they are, or the child and how it was pitied or rescued. Becuase let’s face it, it is often only the extreme stories that make their way to the internet.

But what about the unseen, the humble? What about the family who has eleven children and doesn’t stand on a stage or tell anyone?

What about the faith giant that takes in a child who doctors said might die? What about the family who when faced with insurmountable odds, still walks by faith, and chooses to adopt again anyway?

What about these stories? These stories of REAL people? These stories are from the people we run into at the grocery store, talk with during soccer, or pass by at school when we drop our kids off in the mornings?

When do we get to hear their stories?father-and-daughter-silhouette-494x329

Well, this is the question God put on my heart a few days ago.

So, I thought I’d reach out into my own personal community, and ask people to share their stories, here at Rich Faith Rising.

I asked people I know and love. People who daily change the world by their faithfulness and God’s love; quietly, humbly, faithfully, behind the scenes where nobody sees.

Click on the link below to follow more on our journey this month…

Average, every-day, ordinary people share their out-of-the-ordinary,

incredible, miraculous stories of adoption.

This Monday evening at 6:00, here at Rich Faith Rising, I will be sharing the very first adoption story from one of my dear friends.

Many more stories will be on their way, added to the link above. Keep checking back this entire month of November! Oh, and don’t forget to share below, so others will discover what’s going on over here. 

It is our hope that God will be glorified and many other children will get adopted as a result of these stories…

And that people will start understanding completely, the full and miraculous redemption story of what God has done for us.

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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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