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Today is the day, folks!

Today starts the launch of a month-long host of personal adoption stories from people just like you!

After all, November is National Adoption Month!

The goal in sharing these stories is to focus on all God has done and continues to do in families, through foster/adopt, domestic, private, and international adoption.

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Let’s Get Started!

0ac08de57bdfb31ed7a4a7a3c0dd7eb9Today, hosted on Rich Faith Rising is our first ever guest post from a dear friend of mine. As you read, you might be thinking, “What she shares is simply unbelieveable! Is she really, for real?”

Please know, I can personally attest to this family’s character and testimony. In fact, this family is so down-to-earth, humble, and walk by faith as they have embraced adoption in the small town they are from.

One thing I love about Kara is, she knows how to pray! She is someone who is there for others, and yet disciples her own famly well. She knows where her help comes from and truly speaks as if straight from her Savior whenever sharing thoughts or advice.

What people don’t know about Kara is that she is such an encourager, constantly reaching out to people to pray for them or stand with them through their struggle, never seeking praise, power or fanfare from people.

Her story reflects the beauty of how God knows the end of our stories, not just the beginning!

And isn’t grace seeped throughout any believers personal journey towards adoption? Truth be told, we don’t have to wait to have “enough faith” to step out to follow where He leads us. All we need to do is be obedience and then God meets us, walks with us, and gives us grace to do the rest.

As you read, remember Kara is the lady you might pass in the grocery store. She would likely let you go in front of her in line, dart you a smile, or would offer to help you carry groceries if you were struggling.

If you gather anything from this month at Rich Faith Rising, that will be saturated with adoption stories, it is that the people you read about here are real, down-to-earth people, just like you and me. These are people taking risks, living by faith, and simply saying “yes” to Jesus as He leads.

I am honored to call them friends! Now, here is Kara’s story, as she shares….

A Personal Adoption Story – by Kara

After giving birth to my first two children, my husband and I both had this empty feeling in our family. The feeling like someone was missing.

We had the strong feeling our son was missing and he had to get to us.

Ironically, God first got our attention the month and year our son was conceived. Little did we know we would not get to meet him for another year and a half after that though.

During that time God placed all the perfect people in our life to help us along the way.

Photo by Kara
Photo by Kara

Before our son came to us, God revealed he would specifically be one-years-old, have blue eyes and red hair.

When our little one arrived we knew he was our gift from God when our eyes first saw him because he was all that.

God also revealed to us that he would come in the summer and that happened too.

We saw all the answer to prayers and signs along the way where God was with us every single step.

As a mom, I love that I got to experience giving both birth and adopting. From experiencing both, I can tell you there is no difference at all.

Your children are your children no matter how they arrived.

Sometimes I forget we adopted because our son was always destined to be ours long before he was ever born.

~ Foster/Adopt Mom, Kara

What a Testimony!

Thanks for stepping out and trusting us with your story, Kara!

Will you join us this Wednesday for another powerful adoption story from a dad this time! That’s right…a dad. I just know you will shed tears as you read what he shares! At least, I did!

And go ahead and share these stories on Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform by clicking the share button below.

The more people who hear about what God has done, the more kids who don’t have parents have a chance at getting adopted!

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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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  1. Wow this awesome!

    “..our children are your children no matter how they arrived.

    Sometimes I forget we adopted because our son was always destined to be ours long before he was ever born.”

    This is powerful.

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