We are all Imposters, Desperate for Authenticity


“You know what I notice Mama? The bigger someones house is, the more wine they drink.” This out-of-the-blew, shocking statement, came from my eleven-year-old, on the way to her home-school, school. I hadn’t planned for some deep theological conversation. But, flying out of country soon, I knew to savor each second with this beautiful girl who […]

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In a World of Identity Theft #UNITE Link-Up


“This is the fraud department, wanting to confirm some recent activity on your account.” The exct words you don’t want to hear late at night, after dropping your daughter off at youth group. I ignored the call. Afterall, fraud is something that happens to other people….isn’t it? Not me. But again, a few minutes later…“ This […]

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When Did We Stop Believing in Miracles

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The impossible happened yesterday. Tears were falling, as I sat there with gasping breath, not believing what I was speaking. The earth grew silent. The world and all it’s particles stopped moving. It was this moment, I had been waiting for. For years, God promised it. I longed, only hoped and anticipated… Until finally, not in […]

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What If We’re Never Supposed to FIND Our Calling?


Like fire and fury, it waits under the surface. Magma-like, with capablities to take down a thousand idle-forests…. Wild, alive, more powerful… Than even our wildlest imaginations. Yet slow, gentle, unafraid of its capabilities. Unapologentic, flexible, not timid, fully welcoming and embracing its God-given purpose. Knowing, every God-given calling….to influence, change, and rearrange the landscape… Comes […]

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