Let’s Be Clear. Charlottesville. That’s Not My Jesus


That’s not my Jesus.

In 1998, an Aryan Nation security guard, outside the compound founded by Richard Butler, their white supremecy leader, shot at a woman, drove her off the road, and assaulted both her and her son, justified by a tainted mix of nazi-ism and religion.

That’s not my Jesus.

During college, I self-studied the Aryan Nation, after my brother moved to run a ski resort in Idaho, near this previous incident. I wanted to visit, but despised hate and division, and had heard, more than dark skin, the Aryan Nation hates mixed marriages. My husband is Peruvian.

I studied how shockingly, this sect twisted scripture and used MY God to justify their so-called elitism.

They called anyone not white from Satan, and those light-eyed, like I am, straight from the angelic throneroom of God.

June 10, 1999, the Aryan Nation marched through Coeur d’Alene making public their distorted belief system, publicly trying to shame those not looking like like them, while exulting their own twisted ideations and worth.

That’s not my Jesus.

And if we are not smart, Biblical scholars ourselves, if we don’t wield the sword, soak ourselves in scripture, asking for the fullness of His Holy Spirit to guide us…

What is the different between any kind of racial supremecy, an “us vs. them” mentality on any stage or context?

After all, people use education, religon, or any other platform they can find to divide and elevate themselves by comparison.

They try to separate worth and inherent value, claiming a few chosen and others cut off or dismissed based on wealth or appearance, position or pretense, color or so-called spritual giftedness?

I mean, when did we get so arrogant, thinking it’s o.k. to separate or segregate, while blaming or excluding others?

That’s not my Jesus.

A man planted a vineyard, and set up a hedge around it. It was HIS vineyard, yet by grace, He LET others live and work on it. Then, He went far away.

The season came to collect the fruit from this vineyard. So, the OWNER sent a servant, but the vinedressers beat and ridiculed him, sending him away empty handed.

Another servant was sent to collect what was HIS, the owners, but the same thing happened to Him.

Finally, the owner sent His son. “Surely, they will respect Him.” But, sure enough, those residing on the owners territory somehow dismissed the authority of the owner, and viciously KILLED, unapologentically, the very own Owners son as well.

What is the owner to do? What provoked the winedressers to act this way? (Mark 12:1-9)

What spirit makes a renter bold and arrogant, audacious enough to think they can over-run the owner and keeper of His own land?

That’s not my Jesus.

riverMy Jesus is a man, who confronted racial divide. He walked into Samaria, to a land that the Jews at the time, didn’t like or even walk through. (John 4)

The Jews felt superior and wanted nothing to do with this mixed breed, the Samaritans. They were seen as not chosen or worthy.

But Jesus saw the need, and became overcome with compassion and radical love for the lady standing by the well.  He knew she needed hope and healing, so He walked towards her, not away from her.

Jesus reached her, not loudly, with disciples watching, but in quiet, one-on-one relationship, approaching her with truth AND compassion.

He kept interacting, talking and communicating long enough for her to see her own sin and for this Savior to meet the thirst that led her to this well all along during the day.

Jesus was a magnet of grace, not a hater who condemned sins violently. “He once said, He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” (John 8:7) And yet, so many still stand staring with hate boldly, holding their stones.

Out of love, Jesus compelled this sinner to repent and turn towards his perfect love and grace. She then returned to her village, leading everyone to Jesus.

That’s my Jesus.

Jesus saw the outcast, he didn’t chase them down and beat them. He walked with compassion, even stepping where other Pharisees didn’t approve of.

Jesus healed on the Sabbath, despite religion’s rules. He met with the sinners, touched the lepers and those excluded by the masses.

That’s my Jesus.

Jesus wasn’t divisive, though He despised sin. He didn’t come to harm or raise himself up, but got low, to the point where they ridiculed and beat Him.

Jesus didn’t start some parade, build a compound, or revolt in the street with signs and protests.

In fact, Jesus didn’t love His life, even to the point of death. He knew where His real home dwelled.

His cross, His shed blood, He voluntarily and willingly gave. He became the life-giving sacrifice so that you and I could live.

That’s my Jesus.

Jesus entered the battle to loose people’s to purpose and freedom. He confronted sin, but never dimished the God-image spirit in another person.

When Peter took the sword and cut off the ear of the soldier, Jesus didn’t rally and chant and condone his act of violence.

Instead, Jesus did what came naturally. He brought healing. He repaired what was broken. He American Flagreplaced the ear and offered his accuser and oppresser wholeness.

Peter learned what it meant to live a life led by the Spirit, not to force the cause of Christ, by promoting or condoning violence.

That’s my Jesus.

William Wilberforce was a philanthropist, English politician, and a man determined to fight to his death to stop the slave trade movement.

When Wilberforce became a Christian in 1785, his heart was moved, his lifestyle changed, and he experienced true compassion and a determination to create real reform, leaving a legacy that eventually put a halt to the slave trade.

That’s my Jesus.

Injustice, self-righteousness, hate, superiority, wanting our own rights and way, trying to surpass the supremecy and authority of God…that is and always has been the artillery of Satan.

Yet, let’s face it….There will always be those that DEMAND the owners vineyard.

Truth be told, God is Ruler and King, Maker and Owner, and He will never relinquish His dominion or supremacy….though Satan even tempted Jesus during his forty days in the desert.

Sin has seeped in, let’s call it what it is, because Scripture has been taken from our schools, the hearts of men want their own rights and will do anything to get it.

As Americans, we are a country founded on truth, Biblical, authentic Christian principles, “One Country, Under God” for the sake of Freedom, not forced vindication or the rights of a few who think they are better than the rest.

Yet, when we doubt God is just and act like Saul, taking our destiny into our own hands, we divide this nation…

We separate based on color and religion, strength or weaknesses, poverty and materialism….

And that is a terrible travesty that breaks the very heart of God.

Instead, let’s stop in humble honesty and submission, testing our own souls, honestly weighing every facet of our own, individual consciousness.

Let’s question where our own minds have been enslaved to the enemy of our souls, lying and deceiving us, saying we must have our own say.

Let’s be brave, asking questions like, “How might we have contributed to this chaos and division?”….

Maybe not in big, loud, boisterous ways, but even subtly, in small ways that might have resulted in dividing and separating individuals.

Like Him, let’s walk into anothers territority, always with love, and compassion, and grace.

My African American children hold hands with their light-eyed mama as we stroll down the street. My Spanish husband laughs as he accompanies an array of colorful children, from mocha to carmel, to light and dark brown.

We get looks. We see hearts not understanding, minds left in bewilderment and confusion.

But to us, this is Jesus.

To us, the world is not made of colors of skin, have or have nots, or grandiose thinking of who is supposedly better or more superior.

We are born and die the same. We all breath this air, having “Ruach Elohim”, the very breath of God moving through our being.

We all deserve respect and courtesy, patience and kindness, understanding and empathy.

One nation. Under God. A God who loves. A Savior who set aside His rights to die on a cross, out of mercy and grace.

Yes, regardless of what you are seeing in Charlottsville…..THAT is my Jesus.


Update:  I am so sorry to my regular readers for this long delay in writing. I will share more in the months to come regarding the exciting events going on in my personal life.

At the same time, I thought this issues was important enough to break this sabbatical and share.

If I could plead with you regarding anything, it would be to shut off the news, put down your phones, turn off your radios, open your Bibles and get to know who the REAL Jesus is!

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Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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