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Caught up in the day, I sit down and play, “Bible Roulette”.  Something I have done since Bible camp prior to my teens.

I can’t say it’s the “right” method for Bible reading. Yet, for me.  Somehow….

God always speaks, when I trust.  Wait.  Pray. And let the Spirit lead.

This day I open and find. John 19.

Jesus Crucified.

And I read among the black and white…. 

“Shall I crucify your King?”

And it hit me.  The question….“Shall I crucify your King?”

And I think. How many times is that question still relevant today?

How many times have I just stood by….

Not talking….

As others have crucified my King with actions or words, as I silently sit before them..

Taking His name in vain.
Declaring He didn’t reign.
Professing no true name under which we can be saved….

….Why did I say nothing?

Where were those who shouted, “Noooo” when Pontious Pilate put the crown of thorns on The Innocent One?

Yet, I often know, I have been like those who paraded in Christ one day, and denied him the next.

Tongue tied as I watch as our neighbors…friends…society crucify Him….

While I said nothing.

It is as if the world still is chanting two millenniums later….

“Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

They say it, we all say it…every time we intentionally sin. Every time we defile Him with acts, words, or thoughts that don’t glorify Him.

And I hear….in the silence….

If I listen.

The world call….

The world in its unsettled search for relativism, with no absolutes….In utter ambiguity…

Asking indirectly…

“Shall we crucify your King?”

 It shouts….

As we sit and watch.

Abuses rise.
Addictions increase.
Lusts permeate society.

Yet do we sit by and say or do nothing? Do we place our heads in the sand, letting sin have it’s way, living safe instead of declaring, Jesus Christ as Lord.

I bend over.
Convicted in the depths of my soul.
Of my own sin of omission.
This unfulfilled Great Commission.

This fear of man overtaking the dying name of Jesus….In my society.

And I remember how with my silence…..like Peter….I deny Him.

While continually the world shouts….over and over again…..

“Shall I crucify your King”?

How will we respond? When the world makes him non-existent? Will we testify to what He has done, and who He has been in our own life?

Will we confess the height, width and the depth of His love and the grace He has given?

Will we point to ourselves, our own gifts, our own accomplishments? Or will we point to the one who took the weight of sin and death?

Will we play the martyr? Seek not to offend? Want people’s approval, more than we want His reflection engraved in us….reflected all around us?

Will we sit silent when the world chants the same cry of the generations? Since Bible times? That echo of the original crucifixion….

Where were the people then? Those who had seem him raise Lazarus, witnessed Jesus giving sight the the blind man? Saw life given to the dying daughter, walked near the one who touched healed the leper and paralytic?

Where were His followers then? When they hung Him to a tree?

And will we be silent when the world asks by actions or indirectly….

“Shall I crucify your King?”


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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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  1. Jen, such a sobering question to think on today …. “will we be silent when the world asks by actions or indirectly….“Shall I crucify your King?” Praying that I not be found silent. Grateful for this convicting word you have brought today!
    Joanne Viola recently posted…Enter That RestMy Profile

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