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On wings I ride to the Holy of Holies. We soar, and glide, and rise to the place the glory dwells.

Light burst forth and I cannot contain the joy.

Weightless. Fully blessed. Up in the air where they see a sight, hear a sound rumbling in heaven.

I see His face; gentle, wise, strong. The Lion and Lamb, there where my heart dwells.

And I cannot get enough.

Flashes of light beam in every direction; north, south, east, west. And I am all consumed with the manifest beauty.

Love rising through me like a warm, familiar home. The peace I remember enrapturing me, piercing me once more.

And there He stands, The One who shed His blood. Eyes of love, resurrected, complete, placing arms out, like I had tried to demonstrate in worship.

And why had I not know the fullness of His glory? Why did my mind forget the wonder of His worship?

I see them all around me, what I thought was the floor, stretched out, white, the earth manifest…

file0001541250639I come to find out, it was really angels bowing, wings covering, faces to the floor…the backs of their robes, sprawled out.

Thousands and thousands upon thousands singing, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb, who was and is and is to come.”

And I remember Revelations. The time coming. This moment caught up in the beauty of this lamb being worshiped, this Savior now standing before me.

My sins forgiven, His glory, and righteousness, filling me completely.

A rainbow shines overhead, a river to the left. And I remember the wings that took me here, this gushing, and soaring, and bending in motion to wherever He calls me to.

And though I want to stay, He instructs me, “There is more. There is something I want you to do.”

I see light sent forth from his hands, me and those wings soaring down to earth, light cutting darkness, me having no fear…

Because of the beauty of the moment, and the knowing….He is Lord.

We soar to earth, not straight. Straight is for warfare. But gliding, bending, moving by His spirit.

And I am free, like I’ve never been before.

Light shining in front of me, beaming from His being. Going forth, carrying me on wings; in hope, in joy…doing what He has called me.

And the rain, the sparks of light, fall forth to the earth all around me…

And I want to know Him more.

I am in heaven again. Standing there with Him. A light beams bright. It is the Father.

He comes stepping lower, shining so bright, my eyes can’t bare to see him. I am overtaken. I can hardly breath…

He makes his way toward me.

Then, I see the Son, and Father, merging into one. The wings that had carried me, also come forth. Water ragging.

All of heaven, standing in awe at the beauty of this moment.

And three are one. There, in heaven, multiplying glory. Shining a million times brighter than the morning sun…

And I am overwhelmed, while all heaven bows further, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”file000225540500

And I am overtaken. Purposed with this calling, to spread His light, go to earth, bring to life all that’s dead….

Pointing creation, back to it’s Creator…

And then, the wings return. I am one with this wild, uncontrollable, ragingly beautiful Spirit that now moves us further to the earth…

With the glory of the Father, the look of Jesus loving eyes, and the fire of the Father calling us further towards heaven…

And my heart is well.

May hearts turn to His purposes. Reach for His promises. Hold to the hope that something greater lives, truly lives and calls us into worship…

All of heaven declaring the glory and magnificence of His beauty.

Won’t we just look up to where He lives, rise in passion for the One who is the First, the Last, the Beginning and End….

The Alpha and Omega, the Savior who wants His presence to fill the earth.


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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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  1. I love this phrase: “Love rising through me like a warm, familiar home.” This reminds me of certain times and places where I have felt His presence so palpably. You’re right, it’s like being home. He is our dwelling place.

  2. Oh Jen; such evocative words!
    Copying into my prayer journal to mul over, meditate upon and enjoy!
    Such a gift God has given you!!
    Much love.
    Mama Bear.

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