When You Just Want to Hide


“You died”, Paul wrote, counter-culturally, “And your life is hidden in Christ”.  What a statement to a people desperate to live…Instructed, told, brainwashed into thinking that their life is “their” journey, “their” destination, is based on “their” choices…. In a world where we purpose to be seen and heard, taught to wake to the fullness of […]

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The Beauty in Becoming Small #UNITE


In the shadow of the morning, I become small. In a world that desperately chases large; ministries, followings, muscles, and materialism… I desire to shrink in light of Him. And what if we were made to give away…not get? Instead of hoard and keep and fill ourselves with personal assets…what if the filling is in the emptying, […]

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What is Love Worth, to You?


He finds me here, at 3:00 a.m. with this question of love, this aching that says, “What is a soul worth?” And the violent tornadoes that have stirred themselves recently, were ferocious and vicious and I question what love is worth… How much does it cost to sacrifice, and give our lives away. And from the […]

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When Grace Moves Mountains #UNITE linky


I told him, “Snow is like grace”. Those first few days when he lay in my arms, screaming like a baby, longing for something to fill that gaping hole begging desperately for more. “Do you know what grace is?” I asked. “It’s where you are loved whether you are good or bad. It’s God’s free gift […]

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