When You Wonder Who You Are


Less than one percent. That was it. I couldn’t understand it, but facts never lie. From the time I was a little girl, I was saturated with the understanding that my Grandparents migrated from Norway. My parents owned the leather trunk my ancestors brought over, made krumkake, dangled red flags with indigo blue and white lined […]

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Discover A God-Centered Gospel


What’s your ministry? Your calling? What makes you happy?” ​ We hear messages like these often, as Christians. In fact, it’s easy to grow immune in a “me” culture, to the subtle world-view sneaking into what was intended to be a simple, relationship with Jesus. In fact, “you” messages can permeate every aspects of our living; from career […]

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In The Quiet, Where Those Waiting See Him


I cannot hear. The quiet is so loud. It bangs and shutters and drowns out words that say, “Keep moving”, “Don’t stop serving”, “Love this one He put beside you”, even though few hear, few know the fullness of this journey. Then, He shows me this season of a manger. A baby, craddled quiet, humbly separated […]

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