Being A Disciple In The Storm

Country life was foreign to us. We had come from Seattle; tall buildings, cement sidewalks, everything from derelicts to business people passing us by, daily. That first winter on our property, a blizzard came. The snow covered the ground for weeks. When it melted, we realized we lost a few trees, while other branches hung lifeless. […]

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The Path To Your Eternal Spring


I feel it coming. Like the warm, winter storm that swept in and knocked out our electricity for two days. It comes silently, unassumingly. It torrents like joyous winds, that at first we might think will carry the kite of our dreams. But then, it roars. The same wind that cleaned the air, carries seeds, lifting […]

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Meet Timmy

As one remarkable Chinese daughter lands in America, a boy with bridle bone desperately needs parents, our foster family is frozen in a system which has included a two-year battle, yet our foster daughter is still far from legally free… God reminds me of the value of children. “It would be better for them to be […]

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