The Secret To Winning Your Battles


“I got this”, my mind tricked me into thinking. A year and a half of battling for goodness amidst such wickedness. A year of pressing forward with some mom that confessed she cannot keep her children….was begging for us to take them. We meet the children, fall in love, follow step-by-step every path we believe God […]

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When He Whispers, “Get In”

I see the river, bubbling, flowing, twisting, turning, unpredictable, exciting… Going where no man or woman could define His love. And I hear Him whisper, “get in”. I see the washing over, and yet want some flotation device to separate my soul from getting wet. I want a cushion, some assurance, a safe-guard before I tip-toe […]

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7 Crucial Keys To An Unforgettable Year

I remember the year when my whole life crashed. I was in the height of ministry; leading small groups, having foster kids, and writing fervently. I thought nothing could stop me. I was wrong. Much of life stopped. Yet shockingly, my heart to serve Him missionally became more determined than ever. As a result, I found […]

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