Divorcing The Church? When the American Church Crucifies Each Other. And UNITE


I have a reputation. A reputation for not engaging with anyone who attacks the church. It’s like if you came up to me and started correcting, criticizing, complaining, interrogating, and exploiting every one of my husband’s idiosyncrasies? How do you think I would react? No, my husband isn’t perfect.  My guess is, your spouse (if you […]

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Why We Must Refuse to Hate those that Behead Children. UNITE


I see them in the desert, the wandering ones. Those caught up with nothing but sky to cover them. No earthly possessions…Just the feet of oppression carrying them to places unknown.  And we all know, evil reigns and attempts to destroy us when children are be-headed, women savaged, and the cross itself becomes the instrument Christian […]

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