Why God Hasn’t Given Up On You. UNITE Linky


“I haven’t given up on you.” Bible turns covering the porch of all my hopes.  Prayer just finished.  Heart begging for what only God and I know… Those secrets nobody sees. And sometimes there’s secrets.  Secrets only you and God hide inside the core of your chest.  Planted in infancy, born through trials, come to life […]

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Despair or Hope? When the Doctor Has Bad News


Loud cracking sounds startle me from my sleep. With the wars in the middle east, I roll my head over as thoughts already consume me, “What was that?” I ask sleeping husband. “Thunder and lightening”, he whispers. And with Israel having no peace, and Russia domineering Ukraine, it can be hard not to think the wars […]

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Writer or Not….You Were Not Made to be Invisible


I blogged for years.  Anonymous. No name.  No blog tied to my Facebook. Just words, bubbling forth. Deep from the soul.  Uncoated.  Untamed.  Fearless. Real. And now, there is a name, Jen Avellaneda.  The name I’d always hidden from.  Run from. Unowned, because I never wanted to be seen or known….by anyone… Let alone the millions […]

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