Daring to Love and Live?


I was hiding. Curling up in my own, “I have done enough”. The face of the little one in Dominican. Her mom gone. The village whipping her with sticks, labeling her with words that scar in places human eyes can’t see….“dog”, “fatso”, “worthless”.  Thoughts swirling around in me…in corners unchained… Camping on the reality of life […]

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Have You Ever Wondered If You Were Enough?


“You’re enough.”  I hear a whisper, one coffee-less morning all alone in my car, returning from taking my youngest daughter to her first day of Kindergarten.    After homeschooling eight years and burying myself in the duties of children, I was nothing short of exhausted. Still, “Who could that be?” I questioned.  It was clear, I […]

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