Meeting Our Sponsor Child Face to Face


“How do we pick among all the faces?” Pages of “Food for the Hungry” children line up in front of our church office. She must have seen my frustration.  For, “Sometimes God can work through random selection.” is all our Mission’s pastor wisely tells us. We shuffle children. I close my eyes and pick one like lots in […]

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When You Are Called to “Give Your Life Away”. And UNITE


I trim off the dangling threads from my well-worn Bill Blass carry-on. The ones still reaching to grip China, from the last time I left it… But couldn’t hold on. I bow my head, taking scissors, cutting the airline tag saying, Hong Kong. And the bars keeping aching eyes back, whip through my head…still piercing my […]

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The Day They Turn 18


I cried myself to sleep last night. She turned eighteen. All my attempt to bottle up that infant staring the world straight in the face….futile. I thought I could stop time. I thought I was God. Confining that two foot, little girl in a flowing dress,and sparkly shoes in the crevasses of my mind.  But that […]

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