Women Rise: The World Is Waiting for Your Voice


Relevant Magazine yesterday posted, male authors are read more often than women..even by women themselves.  Another article talks about a group of abortion advocates pushing to “have the right” to a late term injection into the hearts of their pre-born, nine-month-old infants. Yet, our God given purpose was to reproduce.  Still, sex-slave trade permeates the internet. How […]

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What We All Need…Sometimes.


His name was Jerry. Brown hair, strong features, few wrinkles, except those ones earned…from the suffering, few realized. I first met him visiting my Grandma in a nursing home.  Her agitated, unappreciative….though I came a long way just to be with her.  Weekly. He asked me to open his door.  That was our first greeting. Looking […]

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When Perfectionism Needs a Funeral


I spit it out, like a broken gumball dispenser.  One word. Then another.  Then another.  It’s the one person, I struggle being discrete with, the one…after all this time…I still want to impress. And why do we clothe ourselves with fancy words and self-righteousness, when we feel most insecure, when we ache to impress those in […]

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