The Only Resolution that Matters


We have all heard the saying, “The only thing that’s predictable is that life is unpredictable.” Today I tap these keys starring at rain. A few days ago was sunny.  A week before, the ground was white with grace. A winter wonderland. Many seasons can happen in the strangest and shortest of spaces.  Still, if we […]

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Have We Missed What Matters Most?


I wake.  Tip-toe down spiral staircase, after squinting to see…5:30 a.m.  The world’s asleep. It’s quiet.  Still. Serene… Caught between the fog of another world and the reality that business constantly insists, I do. The dark is pierced by Christmas lights.  Greeting me. Shining right through confusion. Each light announcing the birth of so much more. […]

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When Hallmark Hijacks Joy


It’s true, I am an idealist.  Aren’t we all, really?  I pass the card section and see snapshots of families and houses decorated, just right. That’s when the lie started to wiggle in. “Supposed to..” tugs within my head. Please tell me, you’ve heard it too?  How you have felt the pressure, at this season?  How […]

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Lord, Make Me A Shepherd


Most posts I breeze through, writing the rough draft within no more than a few minutes.  God builds a post weeks ahead of time, in my head, then I tap out the fullness of what I felt like He said, the best I can. But this post has gripped me, marinating down into the core of […]

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7 Practical Ways to Ensure You’re Not Using Social Media Like a Weapon


I first became aware of the problem watching my teenager. Drama surfaced in her new High School, and instead of calling or even texting one another, she read through teenagers airing their frustrations to millions, through Twitter. I questioned it unbelieving.  Thinking, maybe I am not clear…“You mean when teens have a problem with someone in […]

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