God is More than a “Good Man” {Day 11}


Little did I know, as the worship slowed, the people kneeling on the floor were exactly those who I was instructed to go pray over.

Though I had been set free from horrific fears, I was still pretty shy.  So to walk in front of the church and lay hands on people horrified me.

But who was I, after all? Didn’t God find me when I first entered the building?  Hadn’t people spoken to the core of what I was feeling?  Hadn’t others prayed, those secrets no one could see, but me?

Why did I ever get that I was o.k. apart from God?  O.k….just trying on religion, going through the motions, without ever feeling the freedom He died to give me?

Why did I settle for lifeless, when Christ died that I might have life and have it abundantly?

How my life had transformed from the point that I committed to devouring the scriptures for myself. 

And if God is this love consuming, shouldn’t it be natural to reciprocate by responding to whatever He is calling us to do as an overflow of this love?

I fasted that first day, and every day after I was to pray; in hopes that it would be God who spoke through me…and not my flesh or any piece of my own logic speaking over people.

I crunched low, tip toeing through those touched by the revival in this new church I had known.

How could God touch so many?  How did new people walk in the doors and so quickly, so effortlessly end up prostrate before a bunch of strangers?  Why had I (the composed one) willingly abandoned myself to God, among a group of people I had never met?

What led them to fall upon their faces before a living God?  What brought tears, and hugs, smiling, and freedom from those who had been wrapped up in the web of their own sin, or religion?

I knew the answer…

  • The same Spirit that made the blind man call out to God.  
  • The same Spirit that drew the lady with the blood disorder to touch the cloak for healing.
  • The same Spirit that drew the leper to be lowered slowly through the room of the building by his friends.

Yes, He alone has the transforming power.  And when we are sick, we know we need a healer.  Yet, the healthy….well, scripture tells us, they often fail to request a physician.

And there is just something about revival, being in His presence that makes us see ourselves as needy, broken, empty, helpless….lost without the living God to save us.

It is with His holiness as our mirror, even the most healthy will be desperate to be pure, longing for a touch from God.  And it is there He shines His light on what once was hidden beneath our cloaks of unbelieving, pride, and self-indulgence.

When we are in the fullness of the presence, we will be like the multitude upon the hill, waiting for His voice to speak to us…and nothing, literally, nothing else will matter.

Our stomachs might be hungry, our mouths thirsty for something tangible….but we will be so desperate for the spiritual, that we will sacrifice anything to hear His voice out there in the desert.

Little did I know then that God really does perform miracles today.  He really does multiply fish and loaves…whatever we bring Him.

Little did I know, He is a miracle working God.  God, in my minds eye prior to this move of love, was no more that a “good” man.  Like I had thought I was….

Before revival.

You have just read day 11 of a series entitled, “31 Day to Real Faith and Revival”.  If you missed the posts prior, you can find them HERE

Thankful for redeeming grace, His blood bought power that disintegrates any taste of who we were when we were apart from Him.  Thankful that God is more than flesh and blood, more than a “good” man.  Thankful that God incarnate was Jesus who went to the cross to die for us.  Without Him, where would any of us be….All our righteousness, or “right-ness” apart from Him being simply filthy rags.  Thank you God for saving me!  (Linking with Ann)

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Jen Avellaneda

Jen is an adoptive, foster, & bio mom to trans-racial family. She speaks, writes, & passionately advocates for the orphan domestically & internationally with her husband of twenty-five years.
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  1. Good Morning Jen! Do you have a new format? It looks really nice to me, but maybe you had it, and I just didn’t notice.

    God chooses and then equips, and so he chose you to pray over those wonderful, faith-filled people. Who am I is a question we all ask of ourselves I think. Just like you did. But God has to use us, because we are what he has in this world. And he was pleased to use you. And keep on using you too.

    Blessings on your journey to him!

  2. Ceil – Thanks for asking. Well, I moved things around a little and cropped my header. Thanks for noticing!
    It’s this “keep on using” that God has gripped me with during my devotions, this morning! It can be easy to abide in Him during a moment of need, or for a season…but God wants this deficit and need for Him to be a lifestyle of moment by moment obedience. Needless to say, your comment echoed so what spoke to me today! Thanks Ceil!

  3. It is the goodness of God that transcends Him just being a “good man.” Does that make sense? In spite of all the earthly evidence that strives to prove otherwise (with a lot of help from the enemy), God IS good. It is the perfect definition of His character.

    And He loves us with a perfect love.

    THAT fact brings me to my knees.


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