Do You Know Who You Are? UNITE Linky


“You are a daughta of The KING”! Palms up, flinging arms around, and around…like windmills going nowhere, as my legs chase my seven-year-old, wildly through the figure eights in our house. She throws her head back.  Laughs hysterically.  I play this little game with theatrics and this strong fake British accent, in hopes that somehow the […]

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Breaking Bitter Darts of Offense


Offense.  The enemies snare.  A stumbling block getting people caught up…. Focusing on the problem….Instead of the Savior. And I have seen it, been it, and offered my own disrepair. But now I watch as forgiveness becomes the great healer. And sometimes there are no feelings.  Just words…. “I forgive”. Like Corrie Ten Boom who forgave […]

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