When You’re Asked to Take a Leap Of Faith.


We stand on the edge of awaiting waters.  Like children, looking for our Father. Anticipating the splash of expectancy.  Others watching. And it is in childhood that we learn to trust our Daddy’s arms.  They are gentle, yet strong.  Reaching out to catch us, even if we jump a little to the right or left. And […]

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Do You Know Who You Are? UNITE Linky


“You are a daughta of The KING”! Palms up, flinging arms around, and around…like windmills going nowhere, as my legs chase my seven-year-old, wildly through the figure eights in our house. She throws her head back.  Laughs hysterically.  I play this little game with theatrics and this strong fake British accent, in hopes that somehow the […]

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Breaking Bitter Darts of Offense


Offense.  The enemies snare.  A stumbling block getting people caught up…. Focusing on the problem….Instead of the Savior. And I have seen it, been it, and offered my own disrepair. But now I watch as forgiveness becomes the great healer. And sometimes there are no feelings.  Just words…. “I forgive”. Like Corrie Ten Boom who forgave […]

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Do You Know The Story In Your Child’s Eyes?


At twenty-two, I too often missed his eyes.  I was busy trying to make bottles at the exact right temperature.  Trying to worry about whether he would keep quiet as I raced through the grocery store. At twenty-two, I didn’t know what was in my own eyes…how could I really stop to look into, someone else’s? […]

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