7 Ways to Reach the World, Without Ever Leaving Home.


I used to think that I had to sell my house, put my children in boarding school, and walk around in homeless poverty, to impact the nations. I had a heart for missions.  But, with a baby tied around my hip, a toddler, or a school age kid begging for attention….I didn’t see how to implement the […]

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Crucifying “Perfect”. And When Meals Go Haywire.


Dishes clank.  The smell of red peppers and onions sizzle over the stove.  With garlic. Oven beeps. The aroma of sweetness fragrances our home.  Blending harmoniously, delightfully with the scent…of family. Each chair.  Taken.  Except the one empty. The one where the child of our hearts sat. The one waiting…for another. And we laugh.  Bellies roaring. […]

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It was almost immediately after I pried my hands open.  Put down this blog.  Gripping more loosely… ….That He spoke.  I mean, really spoke.  His purposes. Answering.  Completely.  The number one question most believers have of God, “What is my purpose here, anyway?  What am I called to do?” It couldn’t have been clearer.  As He […]

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