When I started this journey into the bloghop world, I didn’t know what to expect. I have never been one into hosting much.  Yet, God has been pealing me from myself. And when I started UNITE. it was because my heart ached.  Seeing people….even Christians, at times….so divided.   I saw the secular world UNITING, in […]

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Does God Meet Us Half Way?


My husband once told me. Twenty years ago. “I believe in miracles. But, I also believe that God looks for people to meet Him half way.” At the time, I was young and way too full of myself.  Delighted with the fact….that God could do anything.  Believing all we needed to do was pray…. And whatever […]

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UNITE to Win The Prize.

Finishing run woman at the marathon competition

For months I trained. Had my carefully laid out weekly plan of how to run my race. Treadmill becaming my place…Of refuge.  Time away.  Worship.  Yet, when the day came.  Rocky soil.  Hard pavement. Was not anticipated.  Not the same as a revolving, mechanical machine, I found familiarity in. See, I had imagined I was running […]

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We Will Not Stop Worshiping


May the blessing of a day  rich in His goodness fill your minds and hearts.   May gratitude overflow from the depths of a soul that understands the price of His love, the cost of His blood, the sacrifice He gave as He laid it all down, for the sake of love. May nothing stop hands […]

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