When The Love Of God Scars You


There she was.  Walking through the grocery store.  Head covered.  As if in mourning.  Husband within foot steps.  Head turning.  Dark skin.  Beat red globe-like mark.  Covering, nearly half her face. And from the eyes she looks out from…I think.  What would it be like to be her?  Not escaping the burn-like fire, flamed across her […]

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When Marriage Seems Impossible


I sit, Black Book of Hope, propped securely on my lap.  Hands wrapped tight around it.  As I look out, and ask.  The God of this creation I see.  To come and hide in me. To create peace.  So I can get through this busy day.  To silence my mind.  So that I can focus on […]

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A Call to Give YOUR Two Cents!!


We were still in our first house, half the size of the one we’re in now.  Our kids, eight and eleven, watching us, to see what Christianity was.  And I didn’t want them seeing simply lifeless pews, half-hearted, stagnant views.  Dead religion as a substitute for a Living God.  So, we said “yes” when friends asked us to go to […]

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