Has He Called You To “Go”? A Goodbye.


Things are scattered all over my room.  Suitcase open.  Ready to be filled.  And I too, am unzipped, empty, ready to embark on the adventure coming…. Grace beckoning, God fill me, as He wishes. And I fight against the thoughts, that cry out for answers.  And though God is a God of order…. Sometimes He only […]

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LINK-UP & UNITE a World Away.


At this moment, I am walking through a government orphanage.  I am seeing…. White walls.   Wooden plank beds.  Children without limbs.   Some running up to us, smiling.   Others shrinking back, afraid of touch, as we pray over each one of them. There is…. An albino little boy, left with a note on the […]

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Do You Have A Religion of “Can’t”?


I have never been one for religion in the traditional sense.  Rules.  Need too’s.  Have-to’s.  May have fixed the outside.  But only drew me inward….away from Holiness.   And to be honest.  I am the worst of sinners.  Rebelling from man made rituals…. superseding the freedom my Spirit Nature knows is God’s promise.Heart fleeing from legalism.  To […]

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UNITE in Trying Times.


I just love it when God gives you head knowledge.  Then God tests the authenticity of your words through trials.  And either you…”Pass the test”.  Or you “fail” and become a hypocrite.  I have done both. Thankfully, even when we fail, we cannot fall too far from His nest of grace.   His hand always open, […]

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