When UNITING = Revival!


It was late, one hot summer night. There was a Festival going on, in Seattle.  And we felt prompted to be there. So we drove to where it featured….powerful, well-known, life changing speakers. Like Nick Vujicic.  And others too.  Music also. But, as we circled the large auditorium.  We found people standing around.  In hoards.  On the […]

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Rising Like The Noonday Sun


Serving the world is not a burden. When you know.  And see.  And understanding the order of the Lord…. The first being last, the last being first.   Giving of yourself…. Offers a reward….though carnal eyes have trouble seeing it…. So, I ask….. How can you see the Lord shine forth in your own life? How […]

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Deserts Not Racetracks. Where God’s Voice Is.


Day Starts.  World says, “Go”.  Run from the gates like a competing horse, in the Kentucky Derby. Be, “it all”.  Just “do” more. But, I defy the nagging urging pressing me to stuff more….onto a plate, already full. Instead.  I do something. Almost unheard of.  In a life with my pace. In a culture that has […]

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