Faith Like A Surfboard


What draws them to the water’s edge?  When sharks lurk. And a surfer just got killed a day before they go? What is it in my son’s blood….that drives him to the only place, he feels alive and is ever home? And was it bubbling over, in my husband.  Also.  Long before we met? This ocean’s […]

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Finding Hope in a Hopeless World


The red coated stranger.  In loafers.  And mustache.  Puts his palm out.  Turns head away from….The Hope-filled One….Passing out tracts. And last time I came here…. There were no tracts.   No Jesus.   No noticeable believers.  So bold in a city.  Unmasking. Christianity. Only…. Palm readers.   Beggars.   Buildings of Scientology, asking you to pay […]

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When A Stranger Captures Me. Homeless.


I can’t get him out of my head.  A sunken feeling.  Leaves me breathless. From his image. We pass.  The world dances.  All around. And he sleeps.  As if…. An invisible species.  Many not thinking.  Worth redeeming.  Or feeding…..for that matter. And my husband asks, “Why”….”Why does he capture you so?” And my lips move voluntarily….as […]

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The One Place You Will Always Find God?


I have been running to mountain tops lately.  Trying to spot Jesus.  Trying to get all that He has got. Striving my way.  To redemption. Yet, as I rest. And talk to Him.  Communing with The One who has all the answers. He speaks to me…. “My glory is found in weak people.  Contrite places.  Not […]

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One Minute Can Change Everything!


One minute.  Crowds cheering. Daughter rides peering.  Sitting on a convertible.  Waving to the crowds. Homecoming.  Princess. A little more than twelve hours later.  8: 50 a.m. in the morning.  Driving to Jazz Choir.  To sing the National Anthem. Turns out onto a busy street.  Gets swiped by a large truck.  Spins wildly. Out of control. […]

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