When the World DOES See color. And Transracial Adoption


I would love to think the world is a painting. Blended together with strokes of grace. Intertwined with a great array of flavor. Each pallet magnificently complimenting the other… But it just isn’t so. We are not a mixing bowl…as I would like to think…. Adoption has taught me. My youngest, African American daughter, exposed…to people, […]

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Faith: The Real Deal vs. Phony, Flimsy, Fake Faith


There is a common trend in faith communities.  In secular communities. Sweeping across the thinking of a broad spectrum of people. It’s a trend called the power of positive thinking. It is the thinking that if we hold out an image (like a God) and believe in it… Hard enough…..Long enough…..With faith enough. It will come […]

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Naked Worship.


Sometimes, when the road is the only solace.  Hardships have no answers.  Camels threads start to break backs slouched with questions.  Wings tempt snipping with doubts and decisions….. ……The best thing to do is praise Him. This day.  Coming empty.  Each mile taking off layers……of well caked on make-up. Images not mattering anymore….when rain falls…..And the […]

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Ponderings from the Pond 5: Empty


This time it’s strange. Normally. I feel suffocated.  Go outside. To breath.  Feel alive again.  Go out empty. Needing filling. But, this day, I stroll outside.  Man made walls. With both hands full. Not empty. Camera in one hand. Disappointment in the other. Waking up to.  Coffee creamer.  Non-existent. Settling.  With Chai Tea and light Vanilla Soy Milk. […]

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Taking Back Childhood. Then, Giving it Away.


I have been here before. When hair was turned back.  Kept flat by pigtails restraining me from life. But this time, I have a pigtailed one of my own.  And two nearly grown.  Here beside me. Rocks make “C” shape around the wild sea.  And I step out onto white sand seeping deep within my toes. […]

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