The Gift From An Ice Blue Eyed Homeless Man.


I got her alone.  My one day short of six year old daughter. Swinging arms.  Holding hands.  Old and young.  Dark and light skinned. Linked. In a love just as strong as any blood ties. Walking down isle.  Laughing.  Street vendor carelessly playing. But this time…. Careless to what people see.  Loving completely.  This little one […]

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Homeschool? Why I am (And Am Not) A Homeschool Mom


I have homeschooled.  Always. Even…. Before husband begged me to give up my life for our children.  Before days had no end and no beginning.   Before the earth was our classroom.   And before books grew like an epidemic: Spreading. Into our home, halls, hearts, & bedrooms. I am a homeschool mom.  Because parenting is […]

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When You Can’t Sleep. And Prayers Aren’t Enough.


A cock-a-doodle do reminds me that morning is coming. Sun peering over the horizon. Barely. And I cannot sleep. It’s my teen.  I worry.  And I think about her far too much. And to be honest.  It is tough.  Taking each child.  Each moment.  Each hour.  And trusting. Placing them carefully, wholeheartedly, intentionally… God’s hands. Yet, […]

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Facing Trials: When Life Offers You Weeds


 When life offers you a field of weeds. Take what’s there.  And do like the feathered ones do.   Look for opportunity.   Because sometimes.  In the greenest, most fertilized settings. IS the blessing. …….Even if dandelions appear. So, don’t ignore those unwanted hindrances. Denying them.  Devour their presence. And let them nourish you.  To life.   To […]

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When Music Heals & a Broken Girl Finds Jesus.


It lingers. Song of healing. Past the laundry room.  Down the hall.  From her room. The broken one.  Mending. And she is not who she used to be. Any longer. Quiet. Scared.  Fearful. Hiding behind a smile draped across her hurting. Today.  Our eyes can meet.  And I can see her soul.  Barely.  More at some […]

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