Why My Daughter Insists She is NEVER Coming Home!


I get her text. “I am never, ever, ever, never coming home.” And I knew she was hooked. Full blown.  Undone.  In love. Only sixteen. From a family who doesn’t practice dating…..But, I knew when she saw him, her heart would be mush melting.  And all logic.  Useless. After all, she is my daughter. And go […]

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Why The Church Is Afraid Of Being Real. Guest post from my Son.


It breaks my heart, you know. Just over two weeks ago, I was spending my days drinking up the Hawaiian sun. Picking my wardrobe was easy, when wearing a tank top and board shorts every day was expected. More time was spent in the sea that on land.  And the sea, oh the sea. Liquid bliss, […]

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My Daughter’s Bedroom Makeover! Are You Living in Color?


I used to fear color.  No, really!?  Fear it! I used to live with white walls in a home of white accents. People would come & state our house was cold. Sterile. Hospital”ish”. Until a good friend.  An artist.  Told me something.  See…. She was free.   She was fearLESS.   She was bold in her choice of […]

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Why I am ProLife 110%.


With all the ruckus in the news about abortion options ending, I can’t say I attest. I am a Christian and to say that life does not begin at conception would be a false confession.  But please know, by circumstance, throughout my life, I am a witness to both abortion and life choices. I still remember, […]

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When God Calls. And Son Returns Home Again.


He sits upstairs. Strumming. Quietly. Bellowing through this mom space.  Notes filling….all that’s been lost.  This last year.  Without him. And why is it.  Letting go is easy in words or theory?  But, when left.  Alone. Without son. Or spouse.  Or home.  Or any last resort.  Letting go is the hardest thing to do? And wondering […]

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