When Righeousness and Peace Kiss.


Mercy and truth have met together              Righteousness and Peace have kissed.                             Truth shall spring out of the earth                                              And righteousness shall look down from Heaven.                                                                                Yes, the Lord will give what is good.                                                                               And our land will yield its increase.                                                                                                                                                                  Righteousness will go before Him.                                                                                                                 And shall make His footsteps our path. So, my daughter […]

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Spring Cleaning. Marriage.


We have been through a lot. Twelve kids now.  An engagement that lasted shorter than our vows. And a Christmas tree that looked more like Charlie Browns.  Nineteen years ago.  Free.  That first year.  When we had absolutely no money. And, if marriages are like roller coasters….ours went round and round.  And at times, upside down.  […]

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When A Homeless Man Smiles. A Tent. And BMW’s.


In the city.  I read a story.  Pregnant homeless woman.  Losing her business.  Without money.  Begging for food. Because inside her….His light.  A gift.  A baby. And I see it drive by….as it almost hits us.  The symbol.  Significant.  Racing down freeway to get to its exit.  As if no one else exists……but them. Then, there […]

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A Father’s Tribute: Dancing with God


Strength. Character. An unshakeable burden for truth. A defender.  An anchor.  Resilient through and through. A listening ear.  A man of few words.  An immoveable shoulder that would hold his little girl….when the pain of this life offered no words. But, most of all….with my Dad……I remember how we danced. My tiny feet carefully balanced…..on his […]

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