When A Homeless Man Chases You. In China.


We emerge.  Half way across the world.  From an underground subway.  And his feet are the first thing I see. Patched with stories of the places that he has been. Calloused. Filthy. Me. Dumbstruck.  Imagining the reality.  Some people don’t have shoes. Ascending from below.  Shanghai.  Navigating through thousands of silent people. To the streets. Up the […]

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When Silence Speaks. And a nearly 100 yr old Aunt.


It’s been awhile.  But, then, it’s Mother’s Day.  And she has no children. I creep in.  Unnoticed.  Just a silhouette.  Me.  Her niece.  Forgotten a long time ago.  All because of Alzheimers. But, this time. So close to death. Her mis-wired head….leaves her with no words. And she is absolutely beautiful. And why is the silence…..most […]

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The Gift on 1 year Blog Anniversary.


I am not sure what woke me. Strolling closely to the double french doors staring from my canopy bed. Peering over the balcony rail.  Groggy. Foggy in my head. I spot them. Tendering walking.  Fluffy tails. Strolling as if the night before, they didn’t hear gun shots, or barking dogs, or lawn mowers eating tall blades […]

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What does it Means to be a “good” Mother? 11 Children Later.


What does it mean to be a “good” mother?  I have often asked and wondered. Going into parenting, 19 years ago, I was oblivious to it’s description. I boiled rice. Burnt toast. Struggled with the all night need to rock and hold my babies.  And not sleeping, of course. I had no idea how to wash […]

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When You Think God’s Timing Stinks


I am in a season of waiting.  And waiting is not my strong suit.  Just the word “patience” makes me…..well……impatient. Especially when I see a tide of difficulty coming toward me and I cannot stop it. I mean, after all, who doesn’t want to act…..when life gets complicated and filled with obstacles needing plowed over…..by sheer […]

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